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How One Project Manager Saves 10 Hours A Week On Incentive Fulfillment

Using Giftbit's API with Sawtooth is dramatically improving workflows for market research firm Prime46

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Curipod Set Up A Scalable Incentive Program In 10 Minutes 

The company's most effective growth channel now comes from one simple no-code integration. 

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From Clunky Cards-in-Hand to Simple Digital Rewards

See how Factors Group streamlined their rewards and incentive program with Giftbit.

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United Communications Doubled Productivity

By simplifying their reward process, productivity has increased 2X and their customers are happier with instant satisfaction.

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OpenPhone Doubled Their Customer Reviews

With a simple Giftbit + Zapier connection, they unlocked
seamless, scalable sending.

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Drop Technologies Boosted Engagement & Points Redemption

A simple call to Giftbit's API increased Drop's reward offering 30% and catapulted their points-to-rewards redemption rates.

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