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Automate via Zapier

Trigger reward sending from the apps you already use!
Over 2,000 to choose from.
No coding required.

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A few minutes to set up, hours of time saved

In the past, we would manually purchase gift cards for our users. In just a few minutes, I was able to integrate our CRM with Giftbit via Zapier. Now all our team has to do is tag a user in our CRM and BOOM the card is sent automatically. Giftbit has saved me hours of time!

Alfredo S - Marketing Manager

Save time with automation

When you connect with the apps you already use, they become even more powerful.

Connecting Giftbit with other software through a simple Zapier connection, you can automate reward fulfillment without changing behavior.

Skip the manual effort and focus your time on other things!

Zapier connects Giftbit to the software you already use.

Annual reward sending with Zapier and Giftbit.

Anniversary gifts

With this connection you can set up annual rewards based on a date in the past. Send anniversary gifts to your employees based on their hire date.

Google Sheets circle iconSet up an annual reward delivery

How to automated review site rewards.

Reward new reviews

Protect your brand with a dedicated program to reward new reviews. This simple Airtable connection does the job for you.

AirTable + Giftbit.How to set up reward triggers with Airtable

Activate a growth loop.

Sales incentives

Activate the ultimate growth loop. Incentivize qualified leads and let Zapier take the load off your reward distribution. 

Connect Hubspot, Zapier and Giftbit.

How to connect your CRM for growth


Don’t wait for dev resources

Technical integrations can involve developers and take a bit of time.

With a Zapier connection, there are no coding skills needed and you don’t have to wait for any other departments.

Easily connect Giftbit with the software you use in just a few clicks.


Connect thousands
of apps to Giftbit

Automate almost any workflow,
here are some examples:
Get program statistics.

Manage your program with reports

Easily share your program costs with your finance department by running a financial report.

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Get 50% back on unclaimed rewards.

Transparent pricing

With Giftbit’s pricing model you might qualify for discounts and revenue sharing.

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Get started with the Giftbit
Zapier integration today.

Connect your Giftbit account