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Email Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks gift cards are universally loved! 
Include this brand in your next rewards and incentive project.

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How can I send
digital Starbucks gift cards?

With Giftbit you have a few options. Email the gift cards in bulk, automate via the Zapier app or integrate directly with our API. You can also order gift links and build them into your existing workflow.

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Offer options

With Giftbit you have the ability to offer more than just one brand, like Starbucks. Select from a variety of brands to give the gift of choice.

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Personalize your Starbucks offer

The gift is Starbucks, but the sender is you! Customize your offer with your logo and a message related to your rewards or incentive program.

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How much are Starbucks gift cards?

With Giftbit, you pay face-value of the card. But, here’s where it gets good: if your gifts remain unclaimed after the claim period ends, you get 50% of the value back!

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