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How One Project Manager Saves 10 Hours A Week On Incentive Fulfillment

Using Giftbit's API with Sawtooth is dramatically improving workflows for market research firm Prime46

Greg Augustine, Prime46 Project ManagerGiftbit testimonial.

“Giftbit has literally saved 25% of my time, which is great because I’m the only Project Manager on our team.”

— Greg Augustine, Project Manager — Prime46

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Who is Prime46?

Prime46 Research and Consulting is a leading firm with over 10 years of experience in providing strategic guidance to businesses across various sectors. Their team comprises seasoned strategists, each bringing years of expertise in industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare. Through a combination of in-depth market research, tailored analysis, and strategic planning, Prime46 empowers organizations to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. The Prime46 team prides themselves on their commitment to delivering actionable insights and sustainable solutions that drive tangible results and foster long-term success for their clients.

Prime46 uses gift card incentives when conducting primary customer research to encourage respondent participation and increase overall engagement on surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups.

What did they need? 

Greg Augustine, Project Manager at Prime46, is one man wearing lots of hats, managing incentive fulfillment for all of the company’s projects and clients. 

And one of his most tedious and time consuming jobs used to be the process of manually buying, sending, and tracking the Amazon gift cards the company uses to incentivize research participation. 

“I would do a manual send through Amazon that was organized in a spreadsheet with survey data and contact information,” says Greg. “It took some work to actually make sure the right people were getting the right incentives.”

Greg knew he needed a better solution. But Prime46 uses Sawtooth, a more technical survey software that doesn’t offer many integrations. He needed to find a solution that would make his life easier and his boss happy, without overburdening his programmer in the process. 

“It was my initiative,” Greg says. “I wanted something easier and automated.”

Andrew customer support (1)

The solution?

After researching his options, Greg realized he needed a digital incentives platform with a straightforward API. Buy-in from his boss was easy when he explained how Giftbit could make his life easier. 

Greg reports that onboarding was great, and he appreciated how Andrew Flaro, his CX and Self-Service Support Manager, kept checking in to make sure things were going well. 

That said, Greg and his team didn’t need any serious support to get Giftbit up and running and saving them lots of time in the process. 

The results?

Since implementing Giftbit, Greg is saving up to 25% of his time each week, now that he no longer has to manually manage incentives.  

“I can actually quantify my time savings from Giftbit, because we bill our clients hourly,” he says. “I’m saving five to ten hours a week depending on our capacity, which is great because I wear lots of hats.”

And time savings weren’t the only win. Prime46 is benefitting from many other Giftbit features, too. 

Greg's favorite Giftbit features:

Quick Setup

Thanks to Giftbit's accessible API, Prime46’s developer was able to integrate it with Sawtooth in just in two days

“I basically told him, ‘Here's the information I have, let me know if you need anything more,’” Greg remembers. “And I haven’t heard anything since."

"It wasn’t difficult for our developer to implement at all,” says Greg. 


graphic with amazon gift card api plus a mobile phone displaying an amazon gift card
recipient getting Amazon gift card

Simple UI

Two things initially attracted Greg to Giftbit: its transparent pricing, and its easy UI. 

“I like things that are intuitive and keep it simple,” he says. “Overall, Giftbit is really easy to use, and I think that is probably the most important feature of any tech product.”




On-demand reporting

Greg isn’t just using Giftbit to free up his calendar. He’s also using the platform to drastically improve Prime46’s incentive analytics

“We get so much tracking and data and reporting that we didn’t really get before, and it’s been really nice having that as well,” Greg says. 

Prior to adopting Giftbit, Greg had to monitor reward redemption in a cumbersome accounting system that wasn’t purpose-built for this type of tracking. Now with Giftbit, he has an easy way to monitor uptake and resend rewards as needed.

“My boss specifically likes to see our incentive fulfillment,” he says. “She’s a very numbers-based person, so she likes having that access.”

screenshot of Giftbit redemption reports

The future?

Historically, Prime46 has focused on using Amazon gift cards for their incentives, so initially, that’s what they’ve been offering through Giftbit as well. 

 But after such a smooth setup, they’re now considering giving their recipients the option to choose any reward they like from Gifitbit’s complete global catalog of 275+ brands

graphic - 3 recipients with multiple gift card brands


Whatever they choose, they’ve got a user-friendly, scalable tool and a reliable partner for all their research incentive needs. 

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