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How OpenPhone Doubled Their Customer Reviews

With a simple Giftbit + Zapier connection, they unlocked
seamless, scalable sending

OpenPhone (2)stars testimonial


To recognize our customers' loyalty, we offer rewards when they leave us reviews.

Our team needed an automated way of sending gift cards. Now thanks to an integration with Airtable, these can be sent instantly by simply flipping a switch — making things much faster & efficient!

John MacGaffey - Growth Marketer, OpenPhone


Who is OpenPhone?

OpenPhone is the all-in-one phone system for teams. It brings your business calls, texts, and contacts into one delightful app that works anywhere.

What did they need?

They were looking for an easy way to send gift cards to customers when they leave a review. 

What was in their way?

They were manually having to copy and paste recipient information every time they wanted to send a reward.  The process was time consuming and inefficient. 

OpenPhone + Giftbit

How Giftbit helped!

After setting up a free account and creating their first order, OpenPhone integrated with an Airtable base using the Zapier connection to Giftbit.

Now, when a customer leaves a review, the field in Airtable triggers a reward through Zapier to be delivered instantly via Giftbit!

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A simple toggle

In just a few clicks, Giftbit integrates into their existing system for sending gift cards. By toggling a field in Airtable, the Zapier connection to Giftbit triggers rewards when a customer leaves a review. No coding required!

Doubled the number of reviews

Not only did the OpenPhone team increase their productivity by saving time, they can both track and send rewards from one place. The outcome? Double the number of customer reviews!

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