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Giftbit's Cultural Principles

These principles guide Giftbit’s daily interactions with all stakeholders.

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We practice candor & kindness

  • Candor and kindness become habits with intentional practice.
  • Clarity is kind, lack of clarity is unkind.
  • We lean into our strengths and are candid about where we can be excellent.
  • We are candid about our needs and receptive to candid feedback. We make space for candor by creating systems to support it and by reviewing how we put those system into practice.
  • We're candid about our behaviors, systems, and practices—what we do well, what's tricky, and what we should do differently.
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We focus action on the job to be done

  • We deliver results by being outcome oriented. Clear goals enable us to choose the best methods to achieve them.
  • We give people significant ownership and empower them to deliver results.
  • We manage harsh realities, discomfort, and pain to produce progress to our goal.
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We are earnestly open-minded

  • We are open-minded about ourselves, our team, and our work.
  • We seek to accurately understand reality so we can deal with it. This clarity is the foundation of consistently good outcomes.
  • We pause for clear thinking before we take action.
  • We look beyond ourselves to solve problems.
  • We are humbled by data, reason, iteration, and collaboration. We consider multiple perspectives.

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Our work supports prosperity in the fullness of our lives

  • We cultivate fulfilling and integrated lives. We each have one precious life and work is a meaningful part of it. Work and life are not on opposite sides of a balancing scale.
  • We are flexible and present when work or life calls for special attention and effort. Our supportive team allows each of us to prosper individually.
  • We promote physical and mental wellness. Health is wealth.
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We cultivate trust & collaboration

  • We invest attention in one another and we acknowledge what we see. This helps us stay in sync, collaborate, and disagree constructively.
  • We celebrate each others strengths.
  • We know conflict is inevitable and essential to have trusting, candid relationships.
  • We ask naive and challenging questions to support learning and deliver better outcomes.
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We adopt a growth mindset

  • We purposefully invest in developing ourselves—our talents, judgment, character, intelligence, and creativity.
  • We actively pursue learning by setting proactive learning goals each quarter.
  • We dedicate time to settle confusion, follow surprise, and investigate curiosity.
  • We love our mistakes and imperfections.
  • We choose to grow so we can experience more and make a greater impact. We remind ourselves that growth and comfort are in opposition.
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We craft our work

  • We undertake our work with first-, second-, and third-order consequences in mind.
  • We deliver great work more quickly when we iterate and collaborate.
  • We make time to acknowledge good work—our own and others.
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We lead ourselves and each other

  • We give people ownership and autonomy early.
  • We take on challenges to develop discernment and competency.
  • We lead from the inside out. When we lead ourselves well, we lead others well.
  • We create clarity, give energy, and deliver results.

Note: the values and exemplary behaviours that underly these principles come from the Giftbit team and what they have said about Giftbit's work culture. When we sought to better articulate our cultural principles, we took inspiration and direct quotations from numerous sources, such as: Principles by Ray Dalio, some interviews of Tobias Lütke on Shopify’s culture, The Mind of the Leader by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, content from, What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz, Mindset by Carol Dweck, Brené Brown, and more.

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