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We're looking for collaborative, dynamic, curious & effective people to join us. We're making rewards and incentives simple, yet remarkable. 

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What's it like to work at Giftbit?

Being in a growth phase, we're especially mindful to embody and preserve our 8 cultural principles and to continue to build and maintain a highly collaborative, yet distributed team.

To learn more about the history of the company click here, to learn more about the people of Giftbit, read on…

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Here are a few of the benefits you'll enjoy as a member of the Giftbit team.

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Our departments & teams


Product & development

We’re looking for developers who share our love for learning new things, developing strong stable systems and building an exceptional user experience.


People & operations

As Giftbit grows, we're committed to connecting the team in new and exciting ways, while continuing to embody our 8 cultural principles.


Sales & onboarding

The Sales and Onboarding team is dedicated to maintaining strong relationships and finding the best solution to any problem.


Customer success & support

Highly focussed & outcome driven, the Customer Success team aims for meaningful connection and swift problem solving.



The Marketing team is agile, we move quickly, and we're always on brand. We love broadening our reach with fresh and innovative marketing activities.

What our employees are saying

Take it from us!

Working at Giftbit is a dream! Not only do I get to build cool features with the perfect balance of collaboration and personal ownership, but I'm also immersed in a culture that promotes learning and growth!
Software Developer

From the moment onboarding began, I knew that what Giftbit preaches about their culture is practiced. I was given early ownership and the ability to do everything I need to do to get my job done well, unblocked. Giftbit fully supports every employee to achieve their career goals through continuous professional development and guidance. Intentional leadership, encouragement and advice are all qualities I appreciate. Plus, everyone is so lovely and welcoming!

Head of Marketing
Having a forward-thinking, flexible and supportive leadership team that puts an intentional effort into bringing their cultural principles to life. The culture is simply great. The environment is incredibly empowering and the core values align with mine. Also, here I have full autonomy: Giftbit gives me independence, flexibility, motivation and satisfaction.
Customer Success
The opportunity for professional growth. I have learned so many things from this team that extended my skills in all directions. It's a great environment to level up.
Sales & Onboarding
Work at Giftbit strikes the perfect balance between autonomous activities and collaboration. The ownership I've been afforded within my own role and across my department creates an immense sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The work is both challenging and flexible, and our principles — being at the heart of who we are — allows me to continue doing the work I love, while maintaining balance in my life as a parent and active community member.
People & Operations Manager
My favourite parts of being a developer at Giftbit have been the broad full-stack experience and project ownership I've been able to have here. I've really been able to learn a lot and level up my skills.
Software Developer

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