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How Curipod Set Up A Scalable Incentive Program In Ten Minutes Flat

The company's most effective growth channel comes from one simple no-code integration 

Curipod COO, Erik Hernes Berre.Giftbit testimonial.

We needed universal gift cards and a system that was easy to automate.

I watched the Zapier video on Giftbit's website and set it up in 10 minutes using Giftbit, Zapier, and Hubspot.

— Eirik Hernes Berre, COO & Co-Founder — Curipod

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Who is Curipod?

Curipod is a leading institutional technology tool used by teachers every day to engage their students. They are revolutionizing the way we teach reading and writing to students by using AI to create immersive learning experiences. They have reached over 4 million students worldwide.  

Curipod uses Virtual Visa Incentives.

What was their problem?

Curipod knows that teachers don't get enough support for their amazing work in the classroom, and they wanted their marketing spend to go back to their users. So instead of running ads, they wanted a scalable program to reward their teachers for making referrals. They needed a system that would be easy to automate with universal gift cards that would motivate everyone. 

What was their solution?

The company was already using Hubspot for their managing their workflows. Curipod COO & Co-Founder Eirik Hernes Berre watched a five minute  Giftbit video explaining how to use a simple Zapier integration to connect Hubspot with Giftbit. 

After watching the video, Eirik only needed ten minutes to set up a referral program in Giftibt that rewards teachers with always popular virtual Visa prepaid cards. 


What were their results?

Thanks to this quick Zapier integration, Giftbit is now the driving force behind Curipod's most effective growth channel. They have an easy, scalable way to distribute rewards and grow their user base. 

"Word of mouth works great, but it works better when you incentivize it," says Eirik.  

See how the Zapier integration works

Specific features that work with Curipod's workflow

Prepaid Virtual Visa

Curipod needed a reward that would get everyone excited. Enter the prepaid Visa incentive card, one of the most powerful prepaid cards in the United States. 

If Curipod ever wants to expand their offerings, they can also easily add any other options from Giftbit's large reward catalog, including consumer favorites like Starbucks, Apple, and Amazon. 

See the Visa Incentive Card

Hundreds of reward brands to choose from.
Use Giftbit with HubSpot.

Connecting Hubspot to Giftbit

Using a no-code Zapier integration, Curipod was able to get their referral program up and running in just a few minutes-literally. Now they're able to offer referral rewards directly through their existing Hubspot workflows.

And if they need it, they can use the same process to connect their program to over 2000 more applications, like SurveyMonkey or Google Sheets. No code needed!



Andrew from Giftbit.

Quick & helpful customer support

Apart from a few accounting questions, it's been smooth sailing for Curipod's referral program. That said, if they ever do need customer support, they'll find quick and friendly service from Giftbit's highly rated support team.  

Curipod also has a dedicated Customer Success manager who will be with them every step of the way, helping to ensure they're always maximizing how they use and send rewards. 

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