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Let's collaborate to meet your business goals. With the power of rewards, diversify your offering, add a revenue stream, and generate engagement in your software. 

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Add a feature

Modernize your offering with a product your users need. Stand out from the competition with an in-house rewards solution.


Add revenue

With volume discounts and revenue sharing, you gain a new stream of revenue. Our pricing is designed with partners in mind.

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Grow engagement

Increase time spent in your software. Your clients will benefit with a reward & incentive program. Don't let them click away to do it. 

Cost-effective, scalable, secure.

We integrate with you to offer a seamless reward experience. At no cost we'll collaborate with you to set up access to our powerful software, best-in-class support, and expert advice. Our SOC 2 compliant software and commitment to above-average industry standard data protection makes Giftbit the safe, solid choice.

Why not test a new feature, especially one that could gain you new customers, keep existing ones engaged, and add a revenue stream to your bottom line?


White label

Fully integrate with your branding and workflow. Add our rewards and incentive product within your own software offering.



Add Giftbit

Is your suite of features missing Giftbit? Create a portal for your customers to launch rewards via Giftbit.



We understand the pain points of your clients—because they come to us for help!

It's likely that your customers either already are, or will soon be using some form of rewards or incentives in their workflow. The digital gift card industry is growing, and more and more businesses continue to adopt solutions like Giftbit. 

If your software falls under any of the following categories, your clients will be looking for digital rewards.

Icon-Check-2Sales & marketing software

Icon-Check-2Customer & content management

Icon-Check-2Employee management

Icon-Check-2Research, surveys, or study software

Icon-Check-2Reviews, referrals, or retention solutions

Adding rewards to your suite of solutions will make life a lot easier for your clients. Provide a smooth and effective process and they'll stick around.

How will your customers benefit?

Your software solves a problem that rewards and incentives also help solve. Help your customers amplify their results in one place (your platform).

Business growth and sales funnel.

Business growth

From broad awareness to customer conversion, rewards and incentives accelerate every area of the sales and marketing function. Are your clients looking for leads? 

Customer retention and loyalty.

Retention & loyalty

Customer recovery, rebates, loyalty programs, referrals, and reviews. Are your clients trying to keep customers?

Employee engagement and retention.

Employee rewards & engagement

Wellness, productivity, attendance incentives, awards, games, prizes, SPIFFs, payouts, milestones, and celebrations. Do your clients have employees to reward?

Research incentives and survey participation.

Survey & research participation

Survey engagement, research participation, professional perspectives. Are your clients looking for information?

Corporate gifting and event motivators.

Corporate gifting

Every deal is a bit sweeter with corporate gifting. Event kits, motivators, travel perks. Are your clients keeping relationships?

Security and support are great at Giftbit.

Supported & secure

We're here to support you, your clients, and their recipients at no cost. We'll take the best care of securing data, upholding compliance laws, and ensuring smooth, simple rewarding.

Increase your offering.
Grow your revenue.

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