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About Giftbit

Simple, remarkable rewards

Our powerful product and unparalleled support is driven
by our people, culture, and

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Our mission & what we do

What we do is who we are.

We believe that our actions reveal the real beliefs and values that operate in the company. So, Giftbit follows 8 Cultural Principles that guide our team in daily work and decision making. Read about our principles here.

Giftbit is a remote-friendly organization serving customers in the USA and Canada. Our team members work mainly across the Pacific Northwest with a few scattered further east. The company grows and runs profitably to sustain exceptional employee and customer experience.

Since 2011, Giftbit has powered millions of rewards for businesses big and small. We've earned a reputation of high customer satisfaction, innovation, and consistency.

Giftbit is proud to serve all our customers, including companies like Netflix, Red Bull, Shopify, and Gusto. Learn more about Giftbit customers here.

Some of the Giftbit team meeting in Victoria.Some of the Giftbit team, meeting in Victoria, BC 


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The company was founded in 2011 by Leif Baradoy and Peter Locke. After some early experiments and pivots, the opportunity to make B2B rewards simple and remarkable was discovered. Giftbit was realized!

Leif Baradoy continues to lead the team, as Giftbit moves into its next stages of growth.

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How do companies use Giftbit?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to rewards and incentives, but these are the top 4 use cases that we most commonly see:


Loyalty & referrals

Our clients reward their customers' loyalty and incentivize them to share with their friends. In doing so, they:

  • Improve brand reputation
  • Broaden their customer base
  • Gather valuable feedback & qualified leads
  • Recover unhappy customers and reduce churn

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Smart phone send and recieve

Sales incentives

Leveraging digital rewards allows our clients to activate and optimize lead acquisition channels to:

  • Broaden their reach with contests & giveaways
  • Attract new leads with sign-up incentives and kickbacks
  • Reward sales activities like meetings and demos

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Employee appreciation

Giftbit-Award HR TECH Outlook Magazine

There are so many benefits of rewarding employees. Here are a few ways our clients use digital rewards in the workplace:

  • Attract & retain top talent
  • Incentivize productivity
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Promote corporate culture & wellness

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Market research & data gathering

Whether gathering the opinions of market leaders, or conducting a research study in academia, the process of engaging participants is the same. Our clients use digital rewards to:

  • Attract participants
  • Improve response rates
  • Maintain candidate engagement
  • Streamline rewards distribution

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Our cultural principles

Giftbit's cultural principles are woven through every action we take, every decision we make, and informs our strategy. Each principle gives perspective to help us assess our behaviour and decisions.


We have a practice of candor & kindness

Kindness is a strength that always serves us well. We're candid about our performance—what we do well, what's tricky, and what we'd do differently.


We focus on the job to be done

We deliver results by being outcome oriented. Clear definition of our goal lets us select the best method to attain it. We emphasize clear ownership and delegation.


We are earnestly open-minded

Clarity is the foundation for consistently good outcomes. We pause for clear thinking before we take action. We are humbled by data, reason, iteration, and collaboration.


Our work supports prosperity in the fullness of our lives

We promote physical and mental wellness. Health is wealth. We are flexible so work can support the needs and timing of events in our lives.


We cultivate trust & collaboration

We invest time to see one another and acknowledge one another. This understanding helps us get in sync, collaborate well, and disagree constructively.


We adopt a growth mindset

We purposefully invest in developing ourselves. We choose to grow so we can experience more and make a greater impact. We remind ourselves that growth and comfort are in opposition.


We craft our work

We undertake our work with first, second, and third-order consequences in mind. We deliver great work more quickly when we iterate and collaborate.


We lead ourselves & each other

We give people ownership and autonomy early. When we lead ourselves well, we lead others well. We create clarity, give energy, and deliver results.

Sound like a great place to work? It is!

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