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Automate gift card sending

Send digital rewards instantly by integrating & automating with Giftbit. Trigger offers via the gift card API, provide your own in-app marketplace, or use the no-code Zapier integration.

Gift Card API

Giftbit gift card API

Learn how to easily automate your rewards with the Giftbit Gift Card API

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In-app integration with Giftbit

Present a custom gift card marketplace within your own app

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Automation buttons (2)

Connect with the tools you already use with this no-code solution

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Instant gratification

Capitalize on the powerful moment when you deliver a reward. Your users instantly receive their reward and can start spending their gift card value right away. Satisfy your user’s demand for instant gratification while you build user engagement.

operational efficiency

Eliminate inventory management by purchasing gift cards on an as-needed basis. Integrating with Giftbit’s reward API eliminates the need for you to order, manage, and deliver rewards and incentives manually. Helping you reduce operational costs.

Invite your team.

Invite your teammates

Make it easy for each department in your organization to send automated rewards without creating multiple company accounts or sharing API keys.

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Get program stats.

Get stats on your reward program

Monitor the success of your reward program through reports and learn which offers your users claim. Use learnings to optimize your campaigns for optimal success.

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Get 50% back on unclaimed rewards.

Get 50% credit back

With Giftbit’s savings model, you get credit back to your account for unclaimed and canceled gift offers.

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