No matter what industry you’re in, the purpose of your product is to solve a customer’s problem. Therefore, gathering user feedback is a crucial step in the early stages of product development. If you overlook user research, you won’t know what design choices, features & products work best for your users’ needs, and you’ll risk spending valuable time fixing mistakes later on.

To help you optimize your product development process, we highlight below the importance of collecting customer feedback and reveal how you can get better data by incentivizing user feedback surveys.

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Gathering user feedback

Whether creating a new design or improving an existing product, user feedback can provide benefits such as:

Highlighting areas for improvement

If you want to make the best product for your users, you shouldn’t guess what needs improvement. By requesting feedback, you can find out what your users like and dislike about your product. Then, you can make data-supported changes to enhance your product for the target market.

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Improving user experience

Ideally, you want your users to feel that your product is the perfect solution to their problems. The only way to find out what meets your customers’ needs is to ask them. When you create designs with user feedback in mind, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and avoid customer support issues.

Boosting customer loyalty

When a user gives feedback on your product, it makes them feel invested in the product design process. By making changes based on a customer’s comments, you’re nurturing their loyalty to your brand.

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Speeding up the product development process

Instead of wasting time by going back to make design enhancements at the end of the product roadmap, you can get user feedback to inform your design decisions before the advanced stages. 

Since 93% of consumers purchase products based on online reviews, it’s best to nail down your design in the early stages before unhappy customers leave negative reviews.

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What are the most effective ways to get user feedback?

You can collect user feedback in many ways, including focus groups, interviews, polls, and forums. However, one of the most effective ways to get high-quality customer data is by conducting surveys. 

Surveys are budget-friendly and scalable, allowing you to gather in-depth user data on product design problems. Unfortunately, getting survey responses can be tricky, leaving you with little information to work with. 

If you want more survey responses to inform your product development, you should consider using incentives. A $50 Visa card for completing ten surveys or a $5 Starbucks card for answering two or three questions can go a long way.

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Benefits of incentivizing customer feedback surveys

Not only can rewards get you more survey responses, but they can also help you receive better user feedback. 

Increased response rates

According to an academic study, monetary incentives increase your chances of receiving survey responses by 30%. Customers are more likely to take time out of their day to answer your questions if you give them something in exchange.

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Improved customer satisfaction

If you’ve conducted market research, you know what your users love. You can offer tech enthusiasts $10 BestBuy gift cards, while sports fans might enjoy brands like Nike or Adidas.

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Enhanced user insights

When customers receive a monetary reward for completing a survey, they’re more likely to put more effort into their responses, giving you more insight into your users’ needs.

Get more valuable user feedback with gift card rewards

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