Send rewards, get results

Buy, send & track digital gift cards for your reward and incentive programs.
buy, send & track digital gift cards for your corporate reward and incentive programs

Make sending rewards simple

Create your free account, customize your reward template, and send out gift cards right away. It’s that simple.
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Increase your productivity by sending thousands of rewards within one order

Send digital gift cards in bulk and simplify your reward process.

Improve your workflow with automation

Integrate with Giftbit’s gift card API to improve your workflow by setting triggers in your backend code to automate your reward fulfillment.
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Backend code making an API call to send gift card for referring a friend
Selecting a gift card from a gift card marketplace within a mobile app

Increase user engagement with in-app gift card redemption

Amplify your brand by providing a custom gift card marketplace, where users can select, redeem, and view their digital gift card - all within your app.
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Tracking and reporting
Monitor the success of your reward program through stats on user behavior and delivery, and identify areas for growth.
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Increase your brand awareness by controlling the messaging and look for your gift card offers.
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Team accounts
Collaborate with your team without sharing account logins and easily examine your department’s reward program success.
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Streamline your reward program. Increase your revenue.