Your Branded

Create, send and track your gift cards, promotional value and account credits.

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Your Gift Cards

Sell your gift cards from your website or sell in bulk.

Your Promotional Value

Set rules for your promo codes. Track who spends their code.

Your Account Credits

Easily manage account balances, points or refunds.

Your own flexible currency

Use value as a business to increase sales—like gift cards, promotional value and account credits.

Giftbit’s APIs and web application give you total control, making it easy to send, automate and track. Your team can get the information they need on a platform that is secure.

The first step? Accepting unique codes in your checkout using the Giftbit Currency API.

Easily create and send

Your team and your partners can distribute codes using Giftbit’s powerful platform.

Your branding

Distribute codes with your logo, branding, and custom messaging.

Control delivery

Send codes over email or download your order as a set of links or codes to deliver yourself.

Easily add recipient lists

Upload, tag and send codes to groups of contacts. Track, edit and manage contacts inside Giftbit.

Support for mobile wallet

Recipients can add your codes to their mobile wallets for easy use.

Run detailed reports

Account for every detail with stats and reports. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

Works with your checkout

Use Stripe, Braintree, Recurly or Shopify? Your branded currency works seamlessly in your checkout with minimal effort from your developers.

Drive more sales with strategic promotional value

Activate new customers and engage existing ones. Control your promotional value and set rules on how and when codes are used. Track everything and see what works.

Easily issue and track account credits

It’s easy to include account credits, loyalty points or refund credits in your app. You can even offer temporary value to encourage users to make a purchase.


API documentation

Our API is straightforward and easy to integrate with. We’ve included code examples, common use cases, and support throughout our documentation. Have a little look-see.

Start at $90/month

Get started with up to 1000 active codes for gift cards, promotional value and account credits.

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