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Simple, scalable incentives

Digital reward platform and API

Send and track digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable options, for payouts, rewards and incentives.

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Modern Platform, Easy UI.

I would recommend Giftbit to anyone wanting to incentivize or reward people. The Giftbit interface is lightweight and intuitive.

Rob R - Strategic Programs & New Partnerships Manager
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Free platform & API

Mange your reward and payout program at no cost! 

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Send in bulk

Launch thousands of rewards in one order

Streamline your reward process and save time by sending thousands of digital rewards in just a few clicks! See how bulk-sending can save you hours and make work a lot easier.

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Improve your workflow with automation

Integrate with Giftbit’s gift card API to improve your workflow by setting triggers in your backend code to automate your reward fulfillment.

Integrate with the API

Improve your workflow with API automation

Modernize your operations by directly accessing Giftbit's powerful gift card API. Easily set triggers in the backend of your code for instant results.

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In-app rewards

Embed our marketplace in your app

Delight your users with instantly redeemable rewards from within your own user interface. Your users can select, redeem, and view their digital gift card — and never leave your site!

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Improve your workflow with automation

Integrate with Giftbit’s gift card API to improve your workflow by setting triggers in your backend code to automate your reward fulfillment.

Giftbit links

Get a simple CSV file of instantly redeemable reward urls

Giftbit links open up a wide variety of sending capabilities. Send via text, social media DM, embed in a survey or even hand out physical copies at events. Each unique URL is a redeemable, trackable digital reward.

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Automate via Zapier

Trigger rewards with the apps you already use

No code required. Simply connect the dots between Giftbit and over 2,000 apps in just a few clicks. You don't need to be a tech guru to use this simple but mighty option!

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Chart your progress.

Tracking and reporting

Analyze how your reward program is performing and discover new opportunities for expansion with user trends and delivery metrics.

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Customize your reward templates.


Your logo, your message. Take control of your reward offers to make the right impression at the right time.

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Team Accounts

Collaborate with your team and leverage the power of sending & tracking rewards with a multi-user Team Account.

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Rewards catalogueRewards

With a wide selection at your fingertips, offer multiple options in one template. Choose from Amazon, Starbucks, Visa - just to name a few!

Giftbit PricingPricing

Free account, no setup or subscription fees, no minimums. Pay face value of the rewards you send and be eligible for volume discounts and revenue sharing. 

So many ways to leverage rewards and incentives...  

Sales acquisition

Sales acquisition

Attract prospects and activate leads by incentivizing meetings and calls. Reward sign-ups with kick-backs, rebates or gifts with purchase.

Employee rewards

Employee rewards

Attract and retain talent, boost productivity, celebrate milestones, promote corporate wellness and give bonuses. 


Expand your customers base by unlocking the power of referrals. There's a gold mine hiding in your next testimonial, case study or online review!

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Broaden your reach with social media giveaways, conversion incentives and engagement rewards. Sweeten every stage of your buyers' journey!

Research response rates

Research responses

Attract participants, improve response rates, maintain engagement for longer-term projects & save time distributing rewards.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

The key to growth is keeping customers! Cultivate a long lifetime with points-to-rewards, loyalty incentives and customer recovery programs.

Our reward catalog is full of the hottest brands, prepaid cards, and charitable options. There's something for everyone!

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We are your portal to the world's best incentives.
In just a few clicks, access hundreds of brands!

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