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Supercharge the way you buy and send digital gift cards.

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Send in bulk

Send rewards and incentives to any number of people.

Get credit back

You get credit for the gift cards people don’t use.

Measure everything

Get all the data, reports and stats you need.

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Upgrade to the
Giftbit Visa Incentive Card

Upgrade to the most versatile incentive card in the world with the Visa Incentive Card. Available both in physical and digital options, you get credit back for unspent value.

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Buy, send and track
digital gift card orders

Giftbit has a beautiful web app for sending gift cards. Sign in and track everything that happens after an order is placed.

Our powerful API works seamlessly with our web interface. Build rewards and incentives directly into your app to automate sending and tracking gift cards.

Step 1

Choose the brands

Our marketplace is a who’s-who of top merchants & retailers. Select several gift card options and offer your recipients choice.

Step 2

Choose your recipients

Select and send to a previously uploaded group of contacts. Easily add new recipients manually or by .csv file upload.

Step 3

Customize the message

Write a message and add your own branding. Choose a claim before date and schedule the order for delivery.

Step 4

Place order

Once you place your order, we’ll handle the rest.
You can cancel or resend your gift cards at any time.

Step 5

Get reports and data

Track email delivery, open rates, and whether an incentive has been claimed. Get detailed reports on recipient choice and activity.

Step 6

Get credit back

For any unclaimed gift cards, you get partial credit returned to your account.

Let recipients choose

Offer your recipients a choice between multiple gift cards to ensure they get what they want.

Add your brand

Add your logo and branding to the personalized message included with your gift offer.

Control delivery

Email gift cards from our system or download your order as a set of links to deliver yourself.

Easily add recipient lists

Upload, tag and send gifts to groups of contacts. Track, edit and manage contacts inside Giftbit.

Support for team accounts

You can transfer funds between your co-workers accounts and run team level reports without sharing a log-in.

Run detailed reports

Account for every detail with stats and reports. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

The best part of all?
Giftbit is free to use.

You simply pay face value for the gift card you want to send (with the exception of the Visa Incentive Card). It’s that simple.

API integration

Add digital rewards and incentives to your system by hooking directly into our RESTful API or via OAuth 2.0. Automate gift offers, track usage, create gift offer templates, and more.

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