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Supercharge the way you buy, send and power digital gift cards.

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Send in Bulk

Send rewards and incentives to any number of people.

Get credit back

You get credit for the gift cards people don’t use.

Measure everything

Get all the data, reports and stats you need.

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A Complete suite of

Giftbit is a platform. We’ve got an incredible set of features to optimize your rewards and incentives.

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Let Recipients Choose

Offer your recipients a choice between multiple gift cards to ensure they get what they want.

Add your Brand

Add your logo and branding to the personalized message included with your gift offer.

Control Delivery

Email gift cards using Giftbit or download your order as a set of links to deliver yourself.

Easily Add Recipient Lists

Upload, tag and send gifts to groups of contacts. Track, edit and manage contacts inside Giftbit.

Support for Mobile Wallet

Recipients can add their Giftbit digital gift cards to their mobile wallets for easy use.

Run detailed Reports

Account for every detail with stats and reports. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

Automate With API

Add digital rewards and incentives to your system by hooking directly into Giftbit’s API. Automate gift offers, track usage, create gift offer templates, and more.

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Smart Codes for your Online Business

Create your own digital gift cards, power promotional campaigns and drive new sales.

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Giftbit is free

If you’re buying, sending or receiving gift cards, Giftbit’s totally free.


What People are Saying

We chose to go with Giftbit as their program for rewards was very innovative and had a wide variety of options. In addition to that the team was easy to work with and their API was very well developed.

Kevin Owens

A tremendously effective way to give without the hassle of paper and unredeemed gift cards. Simple to use, with a great interface - it’s the next level of reward systems!

Kim Orszulak