Embracing automation can give businesses a competitive edge, improve customer experiences, and drive overall growth and success.

As your business continues to grow, the need for efficient and streamlined processes becomes more pressing. Automation has become the norm in many areas of business operations, including accounting, marketing, and sales.

Offering numerous benefits, automation can reduce human error, increase productivity, and enable faster and more accurate data processing. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can free up valuable time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

The good news? At Giftbit we work hard to be a leading digital gift card provider and have integrated automation into our platform to enhance the experience for our users in a variety of ways, including funding your account.

In this blog we will discuss the ins and outs of auto-funding your Giftbit account, what this unlocks for you, and the key benefits that come with it. Let's dive in!

Automatic funding: simplified account management

Managing a business requires constant attention to detail, especially when it comes to finances. With a platform like Giftbit, where you can easily send digital gift cards to customers or employees, keeping track of funds is crucial. This is where auto-funding comes into play.

Before diving into the benefits and funding options, it's essential to understand what auto-funding is and how it works with Giftbit. Simply put, auto-funding is Giftbit's feature that allows users to fund their accounts automatically from a connected bank account or credit card.

Enjoy seamless payments with no disruptions by taking advantage of our threshold-driven auto-funding. This means that users no longer have to manually add funds to their account every time they want to send a gift card. With auto-funding, the process is simplified and streamlined, saving businesses valuable time and effort.

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Unlocking key benefits with auto-funding

1. Time and resource savings

As mentioned earlier, automation frees up time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on more strategic initiatives. With auto-funding, businesses no longer have to spend time manually adding funds to their account or worry about running out of funds at a critical moment. This also eliminates the need for constant monitoring and managing of account balances, saving valuable resources.

2. Hassle-free and efficient fund management

With auto-funding, businesses can set a predetermined funding amount or schedule to ensure their account always has enough funds for gift card sending. This eliminates the need for constant manual management and allows for a more efficient and hassle-free process.

3. Enhanced user experience

Auto-funding also enhances the user experience for both businesses and recipients. With a more streamlined and automated process, sending gift cards becomes faster, easier, and more seamless. This can improve customer satisfaction and overall brand perception.

4. Increased security

By connecting a preferred payment method to auto-funding, businesses can ensure that their account is always securely funded without having to share sensitive information every time they want to add funds. This adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for businesses.

The influence of auto-funding on rewards

The automation of gift card sending and rewards programs is a powerful feature. Users can set a funding threshold to ensure their account balance never falls below a certain limit. When the balance reaches this threshold, Giftbit automatically charges the connected payment method, eliminating the need for manual processes. This avoids any disruption in the rewards program experience and ensures users always have funds available to redeem rewards.

Moreover, auto-funding unlocks the ability to automate gift card sending. Custom triggers can be set up to automatically send gift cards to recipients based on specific conditions. For instance, users can create triggers to send gift cards to customers who refer a friend or meet specific purchasing thresholds. This not only saves time but also creates a more personalized and efficient gifting experience for customers.

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We were allotted a lot of gift cards, and it took a lot of human hours to purchase and distribute them to customers at our scale. Giftbit is a really convenient way to reward customers. A must-have if you send a lot of gift cards.

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Kevin M., Owner
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)


The funding options available

The two bees of funding:  direct debit and credit card payment
Direct debit - the bountiful bee

Direct Debit is the bountiful bee, always on the go, and perfect for growing and scaling businesses. By automating the funding process, Direct Debit saves you the hassle of remembering to fund your account, keeping it stable in the background to ensure your account is always topped up. This means your rewards and incentives programs run smoothly and efficiently, without interruption.

Credit card payment - the breezy bee

The credit card funding option is like a breezy bee, fluttering its wings for those quick, one-off transactions. Ideal for businesses with fluctuating gifting needs, it offers the flexibility to fund your account on the go. The breezy bee ensures that you have the freedom to send out those impromptu rewards or incentives, fostering positivity and a sense of appreciation among recipients, with just a 3.5% fee.

So, whether you're a fan of the bountiful, the busy, or the breezy bee, Giftbit has a funding option that can cater to your business's unique needs and ensure your rewards and incentives program is always buzzing!

Embracing auto-funding: a game-changer for financial success

Auto-funding is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their gift card-sending process and enhance their rewards and incentives programs. With the option to choose from different funding methods and the added benefits of time, resource, and security savings, it's a feature that truly unlocks key benefits for businesses using Giftbit.