Realtors and word of mouth go hand in hand. Why not offer client referrals a simple way to redeem a digital reward they’ve earned? 

As a realtor, you’re always looking for new clients. But outside of asking for referrals and marketing yourself well, how do you continually grow your brand? 

Many realtors have begun offering digital rewards to bring in new qualified leads at a faster rate. But for your rewards program to be effective, it must allow for quick and easy redemptions.

The benefits of a seamless reward redemption experience for your real estate business are numerous, ranging from client loyalty to lead generation. You’ll start building client relationships with meaningful interactions, strengthen your trust signals in the market, and create a review process clients want to partake in and complete! 

Want to learn more? Here are four benefits of a seamless reward redemption experience for realtors

1. Generate new qualified leads

To succeed in the real estate industry, you must always think a few steps ahead. While you may have a full client load now, what about in two months? Or six? Generating leads now is an important step in securing paying clients. 

By offering a seamless rewards program, you’ll give potential clients a reason to reach out to you and learn more about your realtor services. You can structure this program in a few different ways. For example, maybe you implement a lead gen strategy where people can enter to win a gift card when they fill out your contact form. Or perhaps your potential clients can get a $20 digital reward when they set up a meeting with you. 

Potential clients should be able to redeem their rewards instantly, showing that you follow through on your word. 

2. Grow customer loyalty

Building loyalty among your existing and past clients can also go a long way toward securing your future client load. Buying a house isn’t a one-and-done process. The average length of homeownership is around eight years, but this number can vary significantly. Your past clients would probably much rather work with you for their next home purchase than take a risk on a new realtor. 

Customer loyalty can also lead to organic referrals. When clients have a good experience with you, they’ll want to tell their friends and family. Offering rewards through a customer loyalty program can drive trust among your past clients, increase your reach within the market, and grow your brand overall. 

How can you inspire client loyalty & engagement with digital rewards? With Giftbit, we can provide a simple tool that makes looking after your existing real estate clients easy. Learn how!

3. Strengthen your brand in the market

Developing a trustworthy, credible brand identity can go a long way toward growing your realtor business. You don’t only want to get business through referrals; your brand also needs to stand alone as a reliable option. 

One of the main benefits of a seamless reward redemption experience is creating more recognition within the market. You can offer rewards when users complete any number of tasks in relation to your business, such as sharing one of your social media posts or entering a Facebook giveaway. These incentives can encourage people to spread the word about your business and build your credibility in the market. 

4. Increase testimonials and reviews

Selling and/or buying a house is complicated, and potential clients want to know you will provide an excellent experience. They’ll look to reviews and testimonials from your past clients to verify that you will provide a trustworthy, seamless experience. 

But even your most loyal customers may not write reviews on their own. They probably won’t think of it. Instead, you can increase the number of reviews and testimonials you have on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp through your rewards program. 

You can send emails or text messages to your past clients, inviting them to leave a review of your business. Once they do, you can send them a link to a digital gift card or enter them into a drawing to win one, depending on your type of loyalty program. 

Just be sure not to “rig” the system so that you are incentivizing only positive reviews. Allow your clients full control over the ratings they give you and the details they leave in a review, even if they aren’t what you expect. If you provide a high-quality customer experience, they should have no problem leaving you five stars of their own accord.

Giftbit: simplifying realtor rewards programs

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Plus, Giftbit’s huge selection of incentives from top brands like Visa, Amazon, and Home Depot allows you to offer your clients the gift cards they want. Enjoy the benefits of a seamless reward redemption experience; sign up for Giftbit today.