What if you could engage more people, build better brand loyalty, and grow your customer base effortlessly?

Giftbit makes incentivizing people and sending rewards simple and easy. With just a click of a button, you can send digital gift cards to hundreds of well-known brands.

Sending gift cards should be seamless and hassle-free. No need for any technical expertise or prior experience - Giftbit makes it easy for anyone to effortlessly manage and distribute incentives and rewards.

The all-in-one platform!

The power of incentives to drive engagement, growth, and loyalty is unmatched, but your company shouldn't have to waste valuable time building an incentive program from scratch. That's why our user-friendly, all-in-one incentive and rewards software platform is an integral tool in countless business growth departments, HR teams, marketing and consumer agencies, academic institutions, and more.

The data speaks for itself: rewards motivate people, and Giftbit makes sending rewards easier than ever. 

With flexible applications across a wide range of industries, Giftbit is your go-to incentives and rewards program. Here are 18 reasons why we're the best choice for your company's incentive and rewards programs.

1. Reach more customers

Reward sales activities among your team and incentivize new customer interactions with contests and giveaways. Giftbit makes it easy to send gift cards whenever, wherever to expand your marketing reach. 

2. Incentivize research participants

Gain valuable market data by incentivizing participation in market research and surveys. Participants can receive an automated link to their gift card rewards upon completion. 

3. Motivate employees & internal teams

Encourage employees to perform at the highest level rewarding their good work. With Giftbit, you can send personalized rewards for employee incentive programs, celebrate milestones and achievements, and promote a work-life balance. Research by IRF shows that companies that use employee incentives enjoy better retention, engagement, and loyalty. 

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4. Build customer loyalty

According to Zippia, as many as 75% of consumers prefer companies that offer rewards, but building a customer loyalty program doesn't need to be challenging. Show your appreciation for repeat business through an effortless customer loyalty program with Giftbit. Customers can receive gift cards for completing any actions you choose, such as making a purchase, referring friends, or scheduling an appointment. 

5. Endless automation & customization opportunities

Giftbit fits seamlessly into any organization, with virtually endless opportunities for customization and automation. Easily integrate Giftbit into your CRM system, employee database, or other go-to software, then trigger gift card rewards without needing to switch windows.Hundreds of reward options.

6. Hundreds of brands & reward options

Choose from our catalog of hundreds of brands, ranging from big names like Starbucks, and Amazon, to recipients' favorite restaurants, stores, charity options, and even prepaid credit card options like Visa and Mastercard®. 

7. Easy API access

Follow a few easy steps to automate your rewards program with Giftbit's gift card API. You can trigger automatic rewards when users complete certain actions, saving time and providing prompt incentives. Need assistance? We're always here to help. 

8. Automate via Zapier

Integrate Giftbit with over 2,000 apps through Zapier, then completely automate your reward system. You'll be able to send gift cards from your existing workflow, whether you use Google Sheets, HubSpot, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, or thousands of other apps.

See how simple Zapier integrations can be, with step-by-step instructions plus details of our popular Hubspot-Zapier-Giftbit trio.
Watch and learn here!

9. Easy bulk sending & tracking

Manually sending gift card links to hundreds of employees is a waste of time and resources. Instead, rely on Giftbit to streamline your incentive delivery process. Send the same gift card to everyone or personalize your rewards for each recipient; Giftbit makes the process simple either way. 

10. Send one-offs or bulk rewards

Whether you want to send gift cards to one person or a hundred, Giftbit can completely automate the process. Send one-off gift cards with unique short links, or trigger bulk rewards for entire populations. You can even select which brands and restaurants recipients will be able to choose from when they redeem their cards. 

11. Flexible gift card delivery

Send gift cards through your recipients' preferred communication methods. Our email system makes it easy to send engaging gift card offers to your recipient list. Don't have their contact info? Generate unique gift links to give to users however you'd like. 

12. Send custom options, or the full catalog of rewards

Select a handful of reward options for your recipients to claim, or go big and offer every available reward for your recipient to choose for themselves. You might be surprised what they pick!

13. In-depth tracking and reporting 

Easily view essential data about your incentive program, including who has redeemed their gift cards, the total dollar amount you've spent, and more. You can even run A/B testing right through the Giftbit interface to determine which digital reward offers hit home best for your audience. 

14. Rocking support 24/7

Our ultimate goal is to make incentivizing and sending rewards as easy as possible, and our incredible customer support team works hard to achieve that goal. We're available when you need us, whether you'd like a one-to-one chat with a representative or an in-depth tutorial to help you integrate Giftbit.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about Giftbit. Fill out our contact form or give us a call for assistance. Want to learn what our customers are saying about us --> Read now!

Fast and easy gift cards for customers.

 "It's very easy to purchase credits and send gift cards. I send customers gift cards after they participate in an educational Zoom meeting. It takes me less than 60 seconds to send the gift card. The incentive drives participation in the calls, which in turn drives sales. My customers really like that they get a choice of gift cards as well. Couldn't be more pleased. This was the gift card solution I was looking for." (Source: Capterra)

Scott, President
Medical Industry

15. Giftbit help center 

Want an in-depth tutorial on how to use Giftbit, create templates, send offers, and more? Our detailed Giftbit Help Center features tutorials, advice, tips, and answers straight from our Giftbit team. But don't worry; we'd be happy to provide one-on-one assistance if you need it. 

16. Customer & recipient satisfaction

Our client satisfaction scores are unmatched, reaching 96% in Q2 2023. And we don't plan to stop there. We're continually looking for ways to make our system easier and more accessible for clients and their recipients, and we always invite feedback to improve our processes. 

17. Pricing transparency

We clearly lay out our partnership style pricing strategy right on our website. Enjoy free sign-up, no subscription fees, and no minimums. Just pay face value for the gift cards you send. We also offer volume discounts so the more you send, the better the deal! 

18. Higher than industry standard security 

Your privacy and security are our top priority, which is why we continuously exceed industry standards through our Privacy by Design approach. We've recently fortified our log-in features to further protect your data when using our software. And we use the latest security factors to safeguard the collection of your information: 

  • SOC 2 compliant
  • GDPR-compliant processor
  • PCI SAQ-D-compliant processor
  • ISO C Visa service provider
  • Encrypted financial data processor via Advanced Encryption Standard 256
  • Multi-factor authentication via account Two Factor Authentication

So why choose Giftbit?

Giftbit offers a powerful solution for engaging more people, building better brand loyalty, and growing your customer base effortlessly. With our user-friendly features for seamless gift card sending and redemption, companies like yours can easily motivate employees, incentivize research participants, reach more customers, and build customer loyalty.

Giftbit: 2023 Customer Loyalty Software Shortlist by Capterra. Learn why!

With endless automation and customization opportunities, integration with hundreds of well-known brands, easy API access, and bulk-sending capabilities, Giftbit simplifies the entire process for incentive and rewards programs. Unlock the full potential of incentives and rewards with Giftbit and watch your business thrive!