Gift card aggregators are popular, offering a range of merchants in one place. But how can you get the best value from the right aggregator?

Does your business send gift cards as part of a customer loyalty or referral program? If so, you'll be glad to know that once you adopt a reliable gift card aggregator into your rewards program, you'll never want to go back. This powerful tool not only enhances your rewards program by saving you valuable time on gift card distribution, but it also streamlines the process, ensuring seamless integration and improved efficiency. 

With a gift card aggregator at your disposal, you'll have more time to focus on providing exceptional service and building strong customer relationships. Here's what to look for and why you need a reliable aggregator for gift cards in the first place.

So, what is a gift card aggregator?

In a nutshell, a gift card aggregator is a convenient online platform that offers a vast array of digital gift cards for customers to browse through. These gift cards encompass a wide range of brands and restaurants, allowing customers to choose and redeem a card for a brand or restaurant they are particularly interested in. 

By utilizing a gift card aggregator, customers have increased control and flexibility over the rewards they receive from your business, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement.

Top features to look for in a gift card aggregator

Reliable gift card aggregators do a lot more than showcase a wide selection of gift cards—they also take a lot of the work out of sending gift cards to your customers. You can also automatically trigger rewards when customers complete certain actions or send bulk gift card links to hundreds of people with one click. 

Aggregators can benefit your customer-rewarding strategy if they’re reliable. So, look for a digital gift card provider that offers the following features: 

1. Ease of use

Is the platform user-friendly and intuitive? It's crucial that your customers don't have to waste time figuring out how to navigate through the gift card options. They should have a seamless experience, with clear visibility of their choices, and be able to redeem their cards within seconds. Providing a smooth and hassle-free process will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Gift of choice

One of the main benefits of utilizing a gift card aggregator, as opposed to purchasing gift cards directly, is the unparalleled ease and convenience it offers when it comes to making choices. In other words, your gift card aggregator should come with hundreds of gift card options available, so users can effortlessly explore and select from a diverse range of brands, enhancing their gifting experience and ensuring that the recipient receives a gift they truly desire. 

3. Security

Top-tier gift card providers go the extra mile to prioritize user information security. They implement robust security protocols and advanced encryption techniques, ensuring a safe environment for online transactions. With their unwavering commitment to safeguarding customer data, users can have peace of mind when engaging in online gift card transactions.

4. Price

When looking for a gift card aggregator, it's important to find one that doesn't excessively consume your reward program's budget. Take the time to discover a platform that offers competitive prices on the specific gift cards you're interested in and find a platform that doesn't require a subscription fee. By doing so, you'll ensure that your rewards go further, allowing you to maximize the value of your gift card purchases.

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5. Customer service

While the best gift card aggregators are incredibly user-friendly, they pride themselves on their exceptional customer service. With dedicated customer service representatives available at your disposal, you can rest assured that any occasional question or assistance needed with a purchase will be promptly addressed with utmost care and attention.

6. Bulk sending

Gift card aggregators should include user-friendly bulk-sending features that allow you to effortlessly send gift card links to a nice, long list of recipients. With these convenient features, you can maintain efficiency and save valuable time when spreading joy and sharing the gift of choice with your family, friends, and colleagues. Say goodbye to the tedious task of individually sending gift cards and embrace the convenience of seamless bulk-sending capabilities.

7. Automation and tracking

Are there any helpful automation features available? The in-depth tracking features and similar automatic processes can truly work wonders by saving plenty of time and reducing stress. With these features, managing your reward programs becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Why do you need a gift card aggregator?

You may feel like your current gift card strategy works fine, so why should you use an aggregator for your gift card distribution and rewards instead? One reason is that a gift card aggregator can simplify your rewards setup tremendously. If those customers browsing gift cards happen to see some product or service you’re offering along the way, that simple gift card aggregator might even increase your revenue

Here's why using an aggregator for digital gift cards might be worthwhile for you:
  • Save money: Instead of paying full price for a prepaid card, you can receive discounts through an aggregator. You could even receive money back for the gift card codes your customers don't redeem.
  • Flexible redemption: Can't you decide which gift card to send to your most loyal customers? With a gift card provider available, you won't have to worry about it. Your customers will have complete control over how they redeem the reward points themselves.
  • Optimization and security: An aggregator provides you with invaluable data about your customers' gift card redemptions, helping you shape your loyalty program accordingly.
  • Diversified gift card rewards: Gift card aggregators have hundreds of stores, restaurants, and merchants represented. Everyone can find the perfect gift card for any occasion.
  • Branding: Do you want to highlight your company's unique branding and messaging within your loyalty program? Customize the appearance of your digital gift cards to include your brand logo or tagline. It cements the connection between your brand and the reward you're providing.

The exact process you'll need to follow to seamlessly integrate your gift card aggregator into your rewards program depends on the specific product you choose to use. However, a good gift card aggregator, equipped with a user-friendly interface and robust integration capabilities, will make this process stress-free and effortless.

With a gift card aggregator's intuitive features, you can effortlessly manage and incorporate various gift card options into your rewards program, providing your customers with a diverse range of choices and enhancing their overall experience.

Fast and easy gift cards for customers.

 "It's very easy to purchase credits and send gift cards. I send customers gift cards after they participate in an educational Zoom meeting. It takes me less than 60 seconds to send the gift card. The incentive drives participation in the calls, which in turn drives sales. My customers really like that they get a choice of gift cards as well. Couldn't be more pleased. This was the gift card solution I was looking for." (Source: Capterra)

Scott, President
Medical Industry

How to integrate the right gift card strategy into your rewards program

Aggregate services work wonders to streamline gift cards for customers, channel partners, and others you want to recognize or reward. A service like Giftbit also includes a wide range of in-depth tutorials for step-by-step instructions for using its automation and reward features.

Why not automate your customer rewards program by triggering automatic gift card links when users complete specific actions or let customers choose from an impressive catalog of gift cards?