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Employee gift card programs

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"Giftbit is an excellent cog in its clients' workflows"

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Digital rewards are more rewarding

We all want to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. And we all know that recognizing and rewarding employees is critical, especially in today’s competitive labor market. 

So while there’s nothing wrong with a simple pat on the back, it’ll go a whole lot further with a much-appreciated reward attached. 

That’s why digital employee reward cards are a better option–and why more and more companies are using employee rewards and recognition software to manage them simply and effectively. 

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Simplify rewards with employee recognition software

You want to buy gift cards for your employees, but you’re not sure where to start. Eliminate the guesswork by choosing rewards software that lets you buy, send, and track rewards, all in one place.  

Whether your team has ten people or ten thousand, digital rewards software lets you send gift cards to everyone in just a few clicks. 

Or set up an automated internal rewards system to send rewards and payouts at key milestones, such as employee anniversaries or when team members hit certain sales targets.

Then monitor your rewards program closely to see how well it’s working. Knowing when users claim rewards, which brands they select, and other metrics will help to optimize your employee recognition program for sustainable growth. 

Not sure what type of gift card program to implement? Talk to one of our helpful Sales Reps to explore options that will work best for your team. 

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Make recognition a breeze

Employee rewards should be incredibly easy to send, and incredibly easy for employees to redeem, too. 
When companies send branded digital gift card rewards via email, API, or app integration, they dramatically streamline the reward process for everyone involved. This is how manufacturers Factors Group saved both time and money while actually growing their rewards culture at the same time

Better gift card options for employees

 Employee incentives only work when employees actually want those incentives. That’s why the best employee gift card programs offer digital rewards to a wide selection of highly sought brands, at denominations of your choosing. 

The Giftbit reward catalog offers your team a wide selection, including virtual prepaid cards from Visa and MastercardⓇ, charity options, and gift cards from hundreds of top brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Uber, Macy’s, Walmart and Target. Pick the gift cards that work best for your program, or let your employees choose from the whole catalog. 

Plus, it's incredibly easy to schedule and send digital rewards with Giftbit, too.

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Time to implement an internal gift card program?

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More and more companies are using digital rewards to improve their company culture and create a more positive workplace. Using gift cards to reward, recognize and incentive employees simply makes for a friendlier–and more effective–workplace.
Ultimately, gift card incentives for employees just make sense. They boost morale, increase productivity, and power up internal incentive programs. 

Show employees they’re valued

Happy employees stick around, helping to boost retention and lower expensive churn.

Motivate staff to achieve goals

Set goals, hit quotas, and celebrate with meaningful gifts–rewards motivate employees to keep hitting those home runs. 

Boost performance and productivity

Send gift cards to employees to incentivize engagement, and use gift cards as employee bonuses when they meet or exceed KPIs.

Reward attendance

Fill those busy shifts and improve staffing levels by rewarding employees who always show up, especially during peak times.

Improve job satisfaction

Digital rewards can help boost your team members’ job satisfaction and cultivate stronger work relationships.

Promote wellness

Incentivize your employees to achieve fitness goals, get check-ups, and participate in healthy activities, with gift cards to brands that promote wellness and align with your culture.

Prevent employee burnout

Keep your team mentally and physically healthy so you can help them avoid burnout and better reach their own personal goals.

Gamify the workplace

Take advantage of this new popular approach to employee engagement by creating a fun internal gamification program.

Use digital rewards to create an effective employee gift card program

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