Did you know, according to CNBC, some people have as many as nine or ten video meetings in one day through video chat (let's be honest - mainly via Zoom!)? Pre-Covid, that was pretty much unheard of. The overall number of meetings may not have changed drastically, but in-person meetings involved both walking and a change of scenery. Not to mention, you could also interact in-person with your colleagues or clients (instead of talking through a camera and microphone).

Another study, completed by Human Resource Executive, shows more than three-quarters (76%) of professionals surveyed claim they participated in virtual meetings. Meanwhile, 38% of those people say they’ve experienced video call fatigue.

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Zoom fatigue can easily drain you and the productivity from your day, and make it harder to line up sales demos and get potential clients on the phone. While making your sales role more challenging, it can also leave you feeling unmotivated as an employee. It’s hard to be excited for your day when you know most of your time will be spent on-screen, on video calls.

The question is, what if you had an incentive waiting for you at the end of the day? Chances are you’d be more motivated throughout the day (and while on those video conference calls!). And - the same thing applies to your sales leads. (After all, they are employee's, too - just of another company!).

What is an Incentive?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, an incentive is something that encourages a person to do something - generally, a specific action. An incentive can be given to a client who goes above and beyond what is normally expected of them, or used as part of your marketing campaign to encourage potential clients to join demos or talk to your sales team. By offering incentives after Zoom meetings, one can hopefully produce a better emotional outcome from their clients.

Why use eGifts Over Physical Gift Cards?

Sending a virtual gift card to your clients or employees is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Virtual gift cards are sent out quickly and can be used instantly once received by the recipient.

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Virtual gift cards, or eGifts, are great incentives for most individuals. This is because there are a large variety of brands to choose from, that work for nearly everyone. Brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Delta Airlines, and more are loved my most and work to incentivize employees or clients.

Ordering these cards and sending them to employees or clients who may be suffering from Zoom fatigue is a simple and easy way to keep morale high and increase your close rates.

Giving Incentives: How?

Incentives for Employees:

This is where you can get creative! There are so many creative ways to go around handing out these digital incentives.

A few incentivization options include:

Hold a Raffle- At the end of a meeting, make a random generator featuring everyone's name and give out a card to the winner. This will not only increase attendance, but it will likely decrease the call’s drop off rate. Be sure to mention that the winner MUST still be logged into the call when the winner is drawn.

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Set Challenges- Give a gift card to the person who attends the most meetings or to someone who offers a unique idea each month. This will give both those who join many meetings or provide input a chance to receive a nice gift as a thank you for staring at their screen for so long, all while being a team player.

Holiday Gifts–Once Christmas or Hannukah is near, offer smaller gift cards to those who you have worked with, and Zoom called, regularly throughout the year.

Incentives for Clients:

In general, sending incentives to clients who join sales demos or other Zoom meetings or calls is a little more straightforward than with employees. For clients, sending a digital gift card, within 1 to 2 business days, is ideal. With Giftbit, you can easily log into the platform and send an email with your digital reward in minutes, or you can utilize Zapier to connect your CRM or otherwise automate your client incentives.

All these ways (and more!) will help people become motivated again. It’s only a matter of time before we are back in person. Until then, think of how to help your clients, teammates, or co-workers in general out with Zoom exhaustion by incentivizing calls and meetings.

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