Could your staff use a boost? Engage your team with the gift of reading! Reading can give your employees the ability to gain new insights and tips on their area of expertise.

Even if they are given the opportunity to read a fiction book, reading is a stress relief for many.

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Here are three ways reading will help your employees, coworkers, and friends re-focus, gain new insights, and relax.

New perspectives

I read, a lot. I read blog posts, books, novels, and magazines. Anything that I can find that will teach me something new about customers, communication, and business, I gravitate towards it. I find the reading gives me a fresh perspective and consistently keeps me on my toes and working to be the best. New insights and fresh perspectives will help you be better at your job.


I know that adding another newsletter to your email inbox isn’t appealing or exciting to you, but I suggest you find a great site that will keep you up to date on different events of interest to you (and then unsubscribe to everything else). I also use Twitter to keep up with current news. Follow a few accounts that will give you insights into daily news, technology, and business trends, and you’ll be able to stay up to date easily. Like most, life can get busy, but 140 character news will keep you in the know, just in case. Take a few minutes during the first few sips of your coffee to catch up on the news.

For me: CTVNews, Local News, and technology/business accounts

Company Culture

Assigning a book to an employee’s reading list can help you shape your company or department culture. If there is a certain book that will guide your newest hire though the transition, give it to them to read and understand the company culture. Follow up with them and hear their thoughts on the book and how it can be applied in the workplace. By understanding the workplace culture, an employee is able to better communicate within the team. They can make decisions that are more consistent with the company’s goals and values.

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For me: ZagThe Lean Start-Up, and Less Blah Blah, More Ah Ha

Send the gift of reading

Kiind’s marketplace gives you the opportunity to suggest books with an gift card. Send them easily with Giftbit, and check out the other gift card options in our catalogue here

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