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Prepaid Visa Incentive Card

One of the most powerful prepaid credit cards
in the United States

With a prepaid Visa incentive card from Giftbit, the possibilities are limitless!

Whether you're rewarding, incentivizing, or delivering a payout, a prepaid credit card is an ideal choice. Recipients can easily spend it anywhere in the USA that accepts Visa. Online or in person!

Virtual Visa incentive gift card.

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Offer a physical card

Offer your recipients the choice between a
physical card or a digital one. Delivery of
physical cards takes 8 business days or less.


Make it your own

Bring your brand front and center. You can add your logo and colors to create a custom Virtual Visa Incentive Card.

To learn more about pricing for a custom Virtual Visa Incentive Card, contact our Sales team.

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You pay face-value for virtual Visa
Incentive Cards over $25. For physical
cards, a $4.95 per card shipping fee applies.


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with the power of Visa?

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