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Mass payout software

Use digital rewards to dramatically simplify bulk payouts and other disbursements 

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Bulk sending

Send thousands of gift card payouts in one order

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Reduce workloads without reducing user experience



Keep your payments safe with multiple layers of protection

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Easily send cross-border payouts


A better mass payout solution

Your finances may be complex, but that doesn’t mean the way you manage them should be. That’s why the best payout software leverages digital gift cards and prepaid credit cards to make it easy to automate payouts at scale, even across borders. 

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Easy rewards distribution

You know you need to send rewards, but how will you distribute them? Smart companies today are opting for gift card payouts. That’s because they’re easy to manage, easy to send, and easy to track–all while keeping recipients engaged and happy. 

From commissions to compensation, disbursements to cross border vendor and business payouts and any and all types of refunds, you need payout management software with flexible funding options and flexible pricing

Mass payout API

Send thousands of payouts all with one click, by choosing a mass payout solution that fits perfectly with your existing workflows.

Use Giftbit to send digital payouts via text or email, using a web based platform or via Zapier triggers.

Or take advantage of Giftbit’s secure and reliable API to completely automate and customize how you send and use payouts and disbursements.

Bonus: there’s no cost to integrate with the Giftbit mass payout API. 

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Not sure what gift card payout options you need? 

Chat with one of our helpful Sales Reps to figure out what works best for your unique goals and budget. 

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Extensive bulk payout options

Giftbit’s mass payout platform includes a catalog filled with hundreds of options for digital gift cards, virtual prepaid cards from Visa and MastercardⓇ, and charitable options. Let your recipients choose from popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, CVS, Target, Walmart, Uber, Lyft, eBay, and a whole lot more.

Give the gift of complete choice, or choose brands that specifically align with your program. Either way, you’re keeping your recipients satisfied without creating extra work for yourself. See the full catalog. 

See how easy payouts and disbursements can be!

Choose mass payout software that makes your life easier

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