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Marketing incentives make your business grow faster

The key to meeting your business goals is easier than you think: using digital rewards to engage prospects and customers at every stage of the buyers’ journey. 

Transform leads into customers, and customers into raving fans, with straightforward digital gift card distribution software. 


Take a proactive approach to growth

Digital marketing incentives work in each stage of your funnel, from the very top straight through to reducing customer churn


Incentivize referrals and broaden your reach with giveaway contests, first-time customer offers, and more.

Continued Growth

Expand your base with a referral or review rewards program.


Nudge your leads by rewarding bookings and sign-ups, or create a simple rebate program to drive up sales.

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Build brand loyalty and keep your customers happy with point reward programs and other client incentives.


Recover customers the right way to protect your brand and bottom line.


Business growth software that actually grows your business

Digital rewards are a fun and effective way to improve growth and retention. But they do more than just convert leads and increase sign-ups. 

Specifically, you can use rewards and incentive software at every major touchpoint with your customer base:

Icon-Check-2Customer Acquisition

  • Brand awareness
  • Demand generation
  • Lead generation
  • Sales acquisition
  • Referrals
  • Incentives for reviews
  • Rebates and kickbacks

Icon-Check-2Customer Retention

  • Customer loyalty and points programs
  • Customer recovery programs
  • Refunds

Stuck for an idea?

Our Sales Representatives will be happy to chat through what type of incentive reward program works best for your budget and goals. 

Opt for easy

Gift cards are the hottest incentives on the market, but who has time to mail physical rewards? Smart companies today need software that easily integrates with their current processes. 

To make any incentive programs work, you must be able to send fully customized and branded digital gift cards via email, API, or app integration, at exactly the right moment. 

Choose to send thousands of personalized rewards with our bulk gift card feature, or streamline your workflow with our automation and integration options. Either way, our customer support is ready 24/7 to keep your rewards flowing. 


Improve your funnel with tracking and reporting

Save money with user-friendly reporting features. Experiment with different offers to find what works best for scalable and sustainable business growth. 



Better choices for better conversions

Customer incentives work best when customers actually want what you’re offering! Our reward catalog is massive (and growing!), ensuring you can always offer exactly what your target audience wants the most. 

From charity options and virtual prepaid cards from Visa and Mastercard, to Starbucks, Amazon, Target and Uber gift cards and a whole lot more, if they want it, we’ve probably got it.


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Budget concerns?

Sure, customer incentives are great … but not with hefty price tags attached. With Giftbit there are no minimums or subscription fees, even for API and in-app access. You just pay the face value of the gift card offers you send.

The best part? We offer volume discounts and revenue sharing, so if you plan to send a lot you’ll benefit from our partnership-style pricing model.

How to send incentives for business growth

Yes, it really can be this easy to start sending incentives!

Boost customer lifetime value

We all know that customers who have good experiences are the biggest sources of revenue and growth.

Track what your customers engage with. Then keep offering them the highest quality rewards, so they’ll always pick you over your competitors.

Get more reviews and referrals

Create a referral program, or get more reviews and shares on critical sites like Amazon, Yelp, eBay, or TripAdvisor, by prompting users with digital rewards. 

That’s how OpenPhone used Giftbit with a simple Zapier connection to double its amount of customer reviews.

'Spiffy' ways to motivate your sales team

Strengthen that pat on the back with digital rewards. From SPIFF rewards to presales, omnichannel and role-specific incentives and more, digital rewards are a great way to galvanize your team and get real results. 

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Generate more leads

Offer digital rewards that people love and watch the leads flood in. Invigorate your marketing campaigns with enticing giveaways. Or turn events and meetings into solid lead generators by incentivizing attendance.

Solid ways to keep your customers–or get them back

Digital rewards are a great way to keep customers happy, and to win them back if they’re showing signs of leaving. A good recovery program in particular is essential for managing your brand’s reputation. 

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