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Compelling survey incentives

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Attract survey participants


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Attract and engage the right participants

Survey and research incentives are the often financial rewards given to participants for their time and contributions. Digital rewards in the form of gift cards typically work best–they’re easy to deliver, and respondents love them. 

Plus, when you choose a gift card platform with partnership-style pricing, digital rewards help keep the cost of survey participation in check.  

Whether you’re looking to connect with the right research participants, boost your employee engagement surveys, or collect useful feedback for market research, you need good digital incentives and good digital incentive software that lets you control costs, track distribution, and reward easily. 

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Improve your research

You often have a limited amount of time and resources when conducting research. Using incentive software makes it easier to save time and money, both in attracting and keeping participants. This lets you focus on what matters most: your research.

Immediate rewards get better results

Survey incentives work best when it’s easy for participants to access them. Being able to send digital gift cards in bulk via email, Zapier integration, or directly through an API integration lets you deliver immediate rewards to thousands of participants in mere seconds. 

Customized offers get better results, too

You’ll also want to tailor the look and feel of your rewards to suit your program; adding a logo with a personalized message goes a long way. 

But even more important, your incentives need to be enticing! And that means offering gift cards to brands that are actually going to attract your target audience. That’s why our rewards catalog includes hundreds of brands big and small, including virtual prepaid cards from Visa and MastercardⓇ, charity options, and gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, CVS, Target, Walmart, Uber, Lyft, eBay, and a whole lot more.

Pick what rewards you offer your survey participants, or better still–give your recipients the gift of complete choice! 

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Improve survey engagement

Streamlining disbursements and incentives with a digital gift card program helps ensure you’re maximizing your survey participation. 

With the right program in place, you can:

  • Gain a better representative sample. Offering rewards to participants will bring in more people, allowing you to get responses from a wider, more representative audience. And with more participants, you’ll gain more valuable and reliable insights.
  • Increase response rates. It’s one thing to get people to agree to take a survey. Getting them to actually take the survey and then also submit their responses is often more challenging. But thin data can hurt the credibility of your research. Promise gift cards for participants who complete surveys regularly to avoid drop-off.
  • Keep participants engaged. Similarly, it’s also hard to keep people committed during long-term studies. Giving rewards for each survey or action they complete will encourage them to stick around for the full duration of your research.

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Unsure how much your survey incentives should be?

Our helpful Sales Reps can help you determine just what type of incentives will work best for your goals and budget. 


Survey incentives for academic research

Get more research participants with the right research incentives. Finding qualified participants is often essential for academic studies, and research incentives for students and other potential participants help to sweeten the deal.

With the right digital rewards on the table, you’ll connect with the right people, improving the quality and quantity of your data.

Survey incentives for business growth

Market research isn’t the only survey you need for business growth. Gathering leads, soliciting customer feedback, employee surveys–all critically important but notoriously hard to do at scale. 

So how do you incentivize people to take surveys that will help you move your business forward? You offer them digital rewards they really want.  

Survey incentives for market research

Need professionals to participate in interviews and surveys to gather insightful data? Then you need to incentivize your potential market research participants.

Respondents can get a gift card for completing surveys, interviews, and/or for participating in focus groups and customer observation. 

Survey incentives for longitudinal studies 

Digital rewards are some of the safest and most effective incentives for long term research studies. To ensure your participants’ PII (personally identifiable information) data is safe and secure, send Giftbit links, which don't require an email address or other PII to be claimed. 

Incentivize everyone, even those who prefer to stay anonymous, and consider driving up long-term engagement with a points-to-reward program or by automatically rewarding survey completion. 

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Boost survey and research results with the right digital incentives 

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