Millennials have incredible brand loyalty, but traditional methods of brand engagement don't always resonate with this tech-savvy generation. So, how can you incentivize and engage the Millennial demo?

Three Incentives That Successfully Engage Millennials

Millennials have an estimated $170 billion in buying power. Any brand that can sustain millennial interest and engagement will be richly rewarded with a share of this shopping power.

Yet, millennials are suspicious of advertising, prefer to do their own research before they buy, and trust social proof and peer recommendations when purchasing. To woo this generation, try these three incentives that actually work.

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1. Entice With Exclusivity

Used to crafting their own image via social media, this generation values exclusivity. Brands can entice millennials to buy using exclusive offers and customization. Coca-Cola enjoyed great success with their "Share a Coke With" naming campaign, which allowed users to personalize Coca-Cola bottles and cans.

Bespoke suiting has also enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with brands like Indochino and Michael Andrews Bespoke creating from-scratch suits for customers. As these examples show, personalization can work whether your products costs under a dollar or hundreds of dollars. It allows millennials to create something "special" and unique that is theirs alone.

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Exclusivity can be coupled with other incentives, like gamification. If a user earns a certain number of points through your social game, they might unlock exclusive rewards only for top performers.

2. Capture Device Engagement With Social Games

Millennials' short attention span has been well noted. Since they are constantly on their devices, smartphone games that expose users to your brand and allow them to earn points they can redeem for products work well. Offer a range of incentives at different price points, to entice casual users and encourage game play.

Through this type of social marketing, you can engage this generation of digital natives, cultivate familiarity with your core products, and accustom millennials to the idea of buying from you.

A successful brand example of social media engagement is the AAdvantage Passport Challenge from American Airlines. The airline company created Facebook trivia questions and quizzes that explained the American Airlines - US Airways merger and allowed users to earn rewards for playing along.

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3. Use Gift Cards to Deliver Choice

Millennials like to feel unique, picking and choosing from things they like to create their own personal brand. Gift cards offer an easy way to tap into this perspective.

When you give a gift card incentive, millennials get to choose their own rewards, buying goods that reinforce their personal brand. They'll love the option to select what they want and retain a positive impression of your company. Giftbit offers easy rewards cards and lets you track when offers are redeemed.

60% of millennials said they are often or always loyal to brands whose products they purchase. If you can expose this demographic to your brand, cultivate familiarity, and get them to buy from you, there's a good chance that you will have a loyal customer for years to come.

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