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Team Accounts

Collaborate with your team and leverage the power of a
company account. Set permissions, transfer credits,
and invoice in one place

stars testimonial

It's a great and simple tool that I can manage.

Easy to use, and easy to manage. I like that I can pull records for accounts payable.

Nora R - Human Resources Manager

Control teammate access

Control access to different parts of Giftbit by choosing a role for each member of your team. Give your teammates the ability to send rewards, run reports or manage funds for all accounts under your team. Ensure that no one on your team has access to a function that isn’t necessary for their role - and keep the security and organization of your reward program intact.

Team access with Team Accounts.
Funding and credits.

Simplify your finance department’s funding process

Team Account owners can add funds, view a teammate’s account balance and transfer available Giftbit account credits to and from other teammates. Eliminate the need for your finance team to share corporate credit card details and cut down on time spent waiting for internal approval processes to add funds to each account. Instead, enable your finance department to add funds all in one place, where you distribute as required, keeping you in control of your reward program.

L-Finance Department

Get more context about your team’s progress

Enable your teammates to run reports on their accounts to gain insight. Account stats include the number of offers sent, the number of rewards claimed, and the dollar value of rewards sent.

Additionally, Team Account owners can run reports on all teammates’ account activity and gift history to help understand their department’s reward program success.

Team progress and statistics.

To claim a Team Account for your organization,
contact our customer success team.

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