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Customize your offers

The 3 pillars of successful rewarding: personalization,
instant delivery, and choice! Delight your recipients
with all three

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Easy to use and navigate. Superb customer service!

What I love about Giftbit is that it's very user-friendly. Easy to navigate and customize. You can create a campaign in a few minutes. I have been using it for more than 2 years now and I haven't had any issue so far.

Angel L - Sales Ops

Personalized messaging and brand recognition

We make it ridiculously easy for you to customize digital reward offers to say whatever you’d like. Add your company logo and keep your brand front and center. 

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Delight your users with the gift of choice

Easily send your users different brand options in their offers. Your users then select a brand of their choice, strengthening their experience.

You also get insight on which brands your users most commonly choose, helping you learn more about your user psychographics and allowing you to understand your audience better.


Instant gratification

Are you incentivizing an action, celebrating a milestone, or offering an experience? Timing is key. Send to many at once with bulk sending, trigger with automations, or remind your recipients to redeem with a click. 

Team of recipients being delighted

Take customization a step further and
send your users a custom Visa card.

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