The average open rate of emails is around 21%, so there could be a good chance that your customers won't open the reward email at all, leaving your funds in limbo.

UPDATED: September 20, 2023

A survey conducted in 2019 revealed fascinating insights about the effectiveness of text messages as a communication tool. With an impressive open rate of 98% and the majority of people opening texts within three minutes, it's evident that text messages have become an integral part of our lives, especially with the widespread use of smartphones, the pandemic, and the growth of digital marketing.

In this article, we'll discuss why sending digital gift cards in a text message is the best way to reward customers and employees. We'll cover the many benefits that texting offers as a delivery method, including higher redemption rates, instant delivery, easy redemption, and increased brand awareness.

We'll also talk about Giftbit's unique Gift Links that allow businesses to customize their rewards with a branded template and send the links via text messages, and how simple it is to set up!

The benefits of sending your gift card rewards via text

Text messages are a popular communication method across all age groups, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. When you choose to send rewards through text, you're using the preferred contact method for most people. Texting is a convenient and cost-effective delivery option that not only saves your company time and money but also enhances the overall gifting experience.

As a reward strategy, texting offers the following advantages:

Higher redemption rates

The average open rate of emails average open rate of emails is around 21%, meaning there’s a high chance that someone won’t open your reward email, leaving your funds in limbo. Since most people open their text messages, customers are more likely to redeem their gift cards if they receive them over text.

With higher redemption rates, you’re wasting less of your rewards budget and increasing customer loyalty by reaching more people.

Instant delivery

Physical gift cards can be a nice touch, but text delivery has a major advantage over “snail” mail: it’s instant. Instead of waiting days or weeks, your customer can receive and redeem their reward in seconds. 

You can automate your rewards with specialized gifting software to make the process even more efficient. When someone completes the desired action, such as sending referrals to friends and family, a process triggers and instantly sends them a gift card reward. 

Easy to redeem

With hundreds of emails flooding their inbox, customers might struggle to find their reward email right away. The longer it takes, the more likely they’ll put it off until they forget about it. If you send the digital gift card over text, the recipient can easily press the notification and follow the provided link to redeem their reward.

Increased brand awareness

You can customize your text messages to match your brand image and personality, effectively increasing your brand awareness when sending gift cards. Also, most gifting apps allow you to customize your reward by adding your logo or attaching personalized text and voice messages.

Incorporating your brand into your rewards is an effective way to keep your business top-of-mind and increase customer loyalty.

Hassle-free sending

When you send gifts through mail or email, you need to get the customer’s contact information and follow several steps to send the rewards. You only need phone numbers when you choose to send your rewards through text messaging. 

With the help of rewards software, you can send the perfect gift to your customers automatically or manually. Whether you need to send one or a hundred gift cards, it only takes one mouse click to deliver them to everyone on your list.


Choose your reward delivery method using gift links

At Giftbit, our goal is to make it easy to reward your loyal customers and hard-working employees. Gift cards are a popular gift idea because of their versatility. With thousands of options from top brands, there’s an exciting reward for everyone. 

With Giftbit, you can generate unique gift links using a custom template to represent your brand. You can send the links via text messages, social media DMs, or online surveys. If you want to start sending your gift cards through texts, sign up and try Giftbit today!