Global rewards programs need global solutions, which is why Giftbit now offers a USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard to serve audiences inside and outside the USA.

This is a prepaid card that can be sent and redeemed internationally wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted,* making it the ideal solution for businesses scaling globally and embracing remote work.

The new Giftbit Virtual Prepaid Mastercard in USD lets clients simplify their international rewards and incentive programs by offering a single, easy-to-deliver reward that can be enjoyed in much of the world. These prepaid cards are primed to be part of a flexible, universal reward system that matches the speed and reach of modern global operations.

And with international access, mobile wallet enablement, and no minimum participation rates (MPRs) or implementation fees, it’s beloved by go-to-market teams, finance teams, and recipients alike. 

If you want to send rewards and incentives to employees, clients, or customers who are based internationally, here’s what you need to know about Giftbit’s new prepaid Mastercard now available in USD. 

Can prepaid Mastercard be used internationally?

In a word: yes. The Giftbit Virtual Prepaid Mastercard can be spent in both the US and in any other country approved for cross-border distribution. 

In other words, if you need to send rewards and incentives beyond Canada and the US, this is the best prepaid card option for you. 

“More businesses are global faster, especially with the rise of remote work,” says Leif Baradoy, Giftbit CEO. “They need rewards and incentives that are as global and flexible as their other business operations.”


Where can prepaid Mastercard be used?

Again, this prepaid card can be used worldwide, anywhere Debit Mastercard is currently accepted. This availability is determined only by US Sanctions Programs and local regulations in other countries—not by Giftbit. Giftbit and our issuing partners comply with all laws applicable to prepaid cards. The list of approved countries is based on US Treasury sanctions programs, local regulations in other markets, and routine risk assessments conducted by the bank and network partners.

To see all the approved and sanctioned countries where the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard can be spent, please see here

Virtual prepaid Mastercard pricing details

The Giftbit Prepaid Mastercard lets you spend 100% of your budget on your rewards. Giftbit has no MPRs or implementation fees, account fees, or subscriptions.

You can send these prepaid cards in any denomination ranging from $25-$2000 USD. If you need to send specific amounts for payouts, you also have the option to send in decimals (like a $33.33 prepaid card, for example).

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Why choose a prepaid Mastercard for your international rewards program?

The Giftbit USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard is the perfect cross border payment solution for incentive buyers with audiences located both inside and outside the USA. It lets them offer a single reward, knowing that it will be well-received globally. 

Plus, your recipients will love getting a prepaid card. That’s because they already know and trust the Mastercard brand, and they’re able to choose how they spend their rewards. It’s also a particularly great choice for those in your audience who prefer to shop locally. 

Specifically, businesses tend to choose the Giftbit Virtual Prepaid Mastercard with USD for several reasons, including:

1. Easy holistic programs with broader reach 

Since this prepaid card can be sent internationally, it allows businesses to build robust and inclusive programs that grow with them. It’s a simple and holistic tool that can be used to deliver rewards and incentives globally. 

If you’re based in Canada or the United States but manage a program that sends internationally, we don’t need to tell you how much time it can take to find the best merchants in other countries. 

On the other hand, using a straightforward option like this prepaid Mastercard takes out all the legwork (and guesswork) when it comes to sending to your global recipients. One click from you, and you can give your recipients a reward that can be used in any non-sanctioned country that accepts Debit Mastercard. 

2. Lightweight implementation with big results

Giftbit’s industry-leading streamlined API is incredibly easy to integrate into your existing workflows, and incredibly easy to get up and running. 

Plus, with Giftbit’s comparatively lightweight KYB (‘Know Your Business’) approval process, it can be much quicker and easier to expand the global reach of your programs.

3. Finance teams love it

Tell your finance team they can (finally!) say goodbye to currency conversion headaches.

The Virtual Prepaid Mastercard lets you fund and send globally in a single currency (i.e., USD). This means no one needs to waste time looking up daily FX rates or managing funds in multiple prepaid buckets anymore. 

4. Happy recipients, even when they could be anywhere

People are always on the move. Even if many of your recipients are based in the United States, they might not always be. Or they may have plans to travel or work abroad. 

Meanwhile, in some global rewards programs, you might not even know exactly where your recipients are located. 

In these cases, a prepaid Mastercard is a great catch-all solution to ensure that everyone on your list always gets accessible and redeemable rewards, no matter where they turn up!

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When and how to offer global rewards

The Giftbit Virtual Prepaid Mastercard in USD supports international access for a wide range of incentive use cases, and it can be sent in a number of ways and for a number of reasons.  

Specifically, you can choose to send these prepaid cards through API integration with your existing platform, a Zapier connection, or through Giftbit’s platform directly. From there, you’ll be able to customize templates, and then choose how you want to send your rewards (whether that’s via email, SMS, or something else).

Our Sales and Onboarding Team will be happy to help you figure out the best options, so please contact the team directly with any questions. 

Use prepaid Mastercards in your employee programs

Motivate and reward your distributed team. Prepaid Mastercards work great for a variety of employee gifts and incentives, including:

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  • Celebrating years of service, birthdays, anniversaries, work milestones and holidays
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Spot awards, hackathon awards, sales spiffs, and quota contests
  • Team lunches
  • Food and travel expenses for work events
  • Perks for commuters or for working from the office
  • Safety, health, and wellness incentives

Use prepaid Mastercards for customer loyalty

You might also choose to use prepaid cards to accelerate business growth for a number of reasons, including:

  • Incentivizing referrals and reviews
  • Loyalty programs
  • Special offers
  • Recovering clients
  • Market research
  • Gathering feedback from users
  • Conference swag
Thanks to the flexibility of Giftbit’s API, feel free to get creative. And remember that you’ll have a Customer Success Representative to help you every step of the way.

Global mass payments and rewards made easy

Rewards should always be simple, whether you’re sending or receiving them. That’s why Giftbit’s platform and API is so easy to use, and why we provide onboarding support to programs of all sizes. 

And it’s why the Giftbit USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard with global spend is now available for all your global rewards programs. To get started, simply sign up for a free Giftbit account.