Traditionally executed, market research is a very labor-intensive operation. Using automation in market research will alleviate some of the more time-consuming activities. New call-to-actionInnovative tech solutions help streamline and accelerate these processes while eliminating the potential for errors along the way. They also make it easy to conduct reliable, accurate research. Try one of these three tools to help alleviate some of the pain points of traditional methods:

Finding Survey Respondents: SurveyGizmo

The landline is a redundancy that many have chosen to eliminate. This makes it challenging to ensure that a given sample of respondents reflects the target audience geographically. But with the advent of ubiquitous digital devices, people are accessible through many alternate avenues.

If you need to get responses in a hurry, SurveyGizmo’s Quick Audience tool allows you to quickly and easily reach survey respondents. Simply pay based on the number of questions and respondents you require, and watch as your responses come in.

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If you have time to source your own audience, SurveyGizmo offers various ways to distribute digital surveys to the preferred devices of prospective respondents. Survey links may be embedded on websites and social media or delivered via email. Having broad channel coverage means you’re more likely to deliver a sample that reflects the demographics under study.

Laying Out Surveys: Qualtrics

Qualtrics offers digital survey design tools to simplify survey design. Instead of having to learn complex coding, subscribers can use an easy drag-and-drop interface to lay out surveys. There are lots of options for branding and formatting, and the responsive layouts accommodate presentation on different devices and in different languages.

Another great feature of this solution is that the captured data may be easily output into finished charts, graphics and reports on either an individual or aggregated basis.

Sending Rewards to Participants: Giftbit

Respondent incentives are an integral part of the market research process. In order to establish confidence in findings, researchers need to ensure robust response rates.

Giftbit provides a digital solution for respondent incentives that simplifies logistics and saves money. A user can order digital gift cards via the website or programmatically through the API. They can choose from a broad selection of retailers so they’ll be sure to find a reward that suits their recipients. Plus, delivery of the digital card may be made through SMS, social media or email. A key feature of Giftbit is the tracking mechanism: the user can monitor email delivery and open rates, and they can check whether or not the incentive has been redeemed. The user also receives a tracking report of this information. Most importantly, they’re credited with partial value for any unclaimed rewards.

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Technology is changing the way things are done in every field, and market research is no exception. The application of digital solutions to the market research process delivers cheaper, faster and more accurate data.

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