In-App Gift Card Integration

Present a custom gift card marketplace for your users where they select, redeem, and view their digital gift card in real time - all within your app. Keep your users engaged and your reward program growing.

Fully manage the user’s journey

In-app Rewards gives you control over your user’s end-to-end experience. Here’s what they see:
A reward marketplace offers multiple gift cards to choose from.
Their selected gift card processes in an iframe.
The digital gift card offer is presented in your app.
The offer never expires, so they can always redeem or review their digital gift card history within your app.
bar graph with arrow pointing up
Get stats on your reward program with Reporting
Run a financial report to review your program health and assess your Return on Investment. Helping you better understand the success of your reward program.
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Invite your Finance team to add funds to your account
Put your mind at ease by not having to worry about your account balance, and empower your Finance team to keep corporate credit card information private.
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We’ll guide you along the way.

Our Sales team will provide the gift card API documentation required to get running with this integration in as little as one day.