About three billion people play video games worldwide, and researchers expect that number to keep rising. With Millennials and Gen Zs taking over the workforce, many of them grew up playing video games. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that employers are turning to workplace gamification to improve employee motivation and engagement.

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With the help of a tool like Giftbit, you can send digital rewards as a prize for the “games” you create for your employees. Automatically send digital gift cards when employees reach a certain number of points, or send a batch to all of the top performers on your leaderboard every quarter. 

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Benefits of Workplace Gamification

One of the best aspects of workplace gamification is that it uses positive reinforcement to motivate employees to improve performance. In a 2019 survey on gamification, about 89% of employees answered that games at work made them more happy and productive while on the job.

Some of the benefits of gamification at work include:

  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Recognizing employees for their achievements
  • Encouraging professional development
  • Providing a fun work experience
  • Fostering healthy competition

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Gamifying tasks and performance indicators can even improve your client’s experience. If you reward leaders in service quality, your employees will be inspired to give wonderful client experiences—resulting in a team that’s more committed to providing excellent assistance, and positively contributing to your brand reputation.

Ways You Can Gamify the Workplace

The possibilities for gamifying work are almost endless. The workplace gamification program you develop can be as complex or simple as you want and will still have positive effects. The benefits of the program come from giving employees a sense of accomplishment, so it’s also essential to provide exciting digital rewards to keep your team engaged.

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Below are some ideas to help you implement game-like mechanisms in the workplace to improve employee experience and productivity.


Leaderboards as workplace gamification fuel friendly competition at work, boosting engagement as employees battle for the top spot. Rewards for leaderboards are flexible since you could reward only the number one spot or the top ten. You can easily scale the size of the reward to fit your budget. 

Here are a few examples of metrics you can track on a leaderboard: 

  • Number of client compliments received for service
  • Number of days in a row the employee has come to work on time
  • Sales numbers
  • Number of steps in a health & wellness challenge
  • Any other metrics you want to encourage your employees to care about


If your company has an employee communication network, using badges gives employees visible recognition for their achievements. Whether they have a badge for leading the team in customer recovery or completing tasks the fastest, the employee can proudly show off their accomplishment.

Now add in a digital reward each time an employee collects a badge, and your team will be even more motivated to complete the objectives.

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Progress Tracking 

Something about progress bars and percentages makes people want to complete their tasks and get that 100%. Your employees will feel satisfied every time they fill up the bar and want to move on to the next one. This tactic is perfect for:

  • Making onboarding fun for new hires to learn about the workplace and their responsibilities 
  • Big projects that the team is working on
  • Health and wellness challenges

Points and Milestone Rewards 

When you use reward software like Giftbit, you have the option to integrate the app with the workplace tools you already use. Doing so allows you to create triggers for automatic rewards, such as when an employee reaches a milestone or earns a specific number of points.

Learn more about Giftbit.

Rewards Are Fun and Easy With Giftbit

Gamifying work is quickly becoming the norm for improving employee engagement, and our gifting app is perfect for combining digital rewards with your workplace gamification program. Want to make giving rewards simple? Sign up for Giftbit today!