Learn why these two gift card API endpoints are essential to Giftbit API integrations.

Giftbit API endpoint: /gifts

The /gifts endpoint is a major benefit to using the Giftbit API. It allows for searching and retrieving detailed information on each sent gift. This includes whether or not a gift card reward or incentive has been claimed.

The /gifts endpoint also allows for resending or canceling individual gifts via the API. Links to the web interface are also provided for those that prefer to manage any resending or canceling manually.

Learn how to automate your reward program in just a few clicks.

Giftbit API endpoint: /funds

The /funds endpoint allows one to see a current snapshot of their account balance via the API. This gives greater control over the budget in real time.

Available, reserved, and pending funds are all accessible.

  • Available funds can be used on demand for sending new digital gift card orders.
  • Reserved funds are held to cover the cost of any outstanding gift cards yet to be claimed.
  • Pending funds are being processed and will be added to the available balance shortly.

Get the Giftbit API Documentation here.

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What is an API endpoint?

In this context, an API endpoint is a point of entry for communication between two systems. Your system, and the Giftbit system. The API integration allows you to call on us in specific ways. In the above examples we've outlined how you can make /gifts and /funds requests.

Why use an API for gift cards?

Automating your gift card delivery will streamline your rewards and incentives, and save you and your team hours of work. With the API you're able to scale your process with control.

Start by setting up a Testbed account to build in the sandbox environment and then gain access to the real deal. Learn more about the Giftbit gift card API or contact us for more information.

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