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Instantly reward new reviews

Trigger rewards when a client reviews your business 

Connect Giftbit + Airtable and reward reviews!
Trigger rewards with Zapier and Airtable.

Reviews are key for brand reputation

Power up your profile with more testimonials.

Incentivize your users to leave reviews with a catalog of rewards from Giftbit.

All you need is a trigger (we chose Airtable), a free Giftbit account, and a free Zapier account.

See how OpenPhone doubled their reviews

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Step 1.

Set the trigger

  • In Zapier, choose Airtable as the trigger app
  • Select New or Updated Record as the event.
  • Log into Airtable and select the property trigger
Step 2.

Set the action

  • In Zapier, choose Giftbit as the action app
  • Select Send Reward as the event.
  • Log into Giftbit and select the reward template to trigger
Step 3.

Test and activate

  • Test your Zap to check if the automation works correctly. Zapier will show you the results in real-time.
  • One you're satisfied with the test, activate your Zap and watch your reviews pile up 🎉

Check out the OpenPhone case study to see how they doubled their reviews

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We're here to help set up the best workflow for your team. Reach out anytime!

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