The easiest way to send gift card rewards

With Giftbit’s simple but powerful technology, unparalleled customer support, and instant account access - we make it easy for you to fulfill and manage your reward programs.

Pioneers in the Digital Gift Card Industry

In 2012, Leif Baradoy and Peter Locke met for the first time in an off the path coffee shop in Victoria, B.C Canada. They met to discuss the complexity of the rewards industry. Historically, companies stockpiled gift cards, requiring massive upfront costs and inventory controls, all with no insight if a reward program was useful in gaining customers. And the reward platforms that were emerging in the digital sphere required high minimum order quantities or had significant limitations.
As two members of the local tech scene that love solving problems, Leif and Peter set out to change this. Shortly after their initial meeting, Giftbit emerged as a free to use reward platform that offers a suite of solutions to make it easy to send digital gift cards. All while providing savings on unclaimed gift offers and insights on program growth.
Today, with more than 1,500,000 gift cards sent by businesses like Red Bull, Expedia, and Shopify, Giftbit is growing quickly and continues to lead the charge to modernize the rewards industry.

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