Visa Incentive Card

It’s one of the most powerful reward and incentive cards in the world.

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Recipients can easily spend, anywhere

Your recipients can use the Giftbit Visa Incentive Card anywhere in the USA that accepts Visa.

You get the balance back

Like every card with Giftbit, you get partial credit back for all unclaimed cards.

But with the Giftbit Visa Incentive Card, you’ll also get credit back for unspent value left on the card once it expires.

Offer a physical card

Offer your recipients the choice between a physical card or a digital one. Delivery of physical cards takes 8 business days or less.

Make it your own

Bring your brand front and center. You can add your logo and colors to create a custom Virtual Visa Incentive Card.


The Giftbit Visa Incentive Card is just $2.95 per card to send, and you get the credit-back on any unspent value left when the card expires.

For physical cards, an additional $2.00 per card shipping fee applies.


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