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How to automate annual rewards

We cracked the code — with no coding required! 

Giftbit, Zapier and Google Sheets connection.
Triggers to set up in Zapier.

Sending anniversary gifts isn't new, but it's never been this easy!

Say goodbye to reminders and manual one-offs, and let this simple setup take care of it.

Regardless of location or department, everyone at your organization will be treated equally with an anniversary reward delivered on time.

All you need is a list of your employees and their hire dates in a Google Sheet, a free Giftbit account and a free Zapier account.

Full setup details

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Step 1.

Set the trigger

  • In Zapier, choose Google Sheets as the trigger app
  • Select New Row Added as the event
  • Log in to Google and select the spreadsheet with your list
Step 2.

Date and set delay

Since each hire date is in the past, reformatting is required in order to function for a future send date.

  • Choose Formatter by Zapier and choose Date/Time
  •  Connect the (MM/DD) fields
  • Select Delay Until event
Step 3.

Set the action

  • In the Action step, choose Giftbit, and Send Reward
  • Log into Giftbit and select your template and map the email and name fields.
Step four.

Test and activate

  • Test your Zap to check if the automation works correctly. Zapier will show you the results in real-time.
  • Click Publish to activate the Zap. It will trigger on the next earliest anniversary date 🎉

See this resource article for the
full details

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