Start building in testbed

Step-By-Step instructions on setting up our API with your platform. Integrate immediately with our API sandbox and distribute gift cards your way.

Step 1

API documentation

Start off by familiarizing yourself by checking out our API docs. We’re always here to answer questions if need be.

Step 2

Testbed account

Testbed is our sandbox environment. So you’ll need to make an account and you can get your API token and start building right away.

All of the Giftbit emails (gifts, notifications, etc) from your API testing will go to the email address you use to create this account, so be sure to choose an appropriate email address. If you have multiple developers/testers that will be working on the integration, we recommend using a shared group email.

Step 3

Gain access

With your Testbed API access token and the documentation, you have everything you need to start working on your integration.

Should you need help, Testbed support is available by email at

If you need priority support and consultation over the phone, custom feature development, or maybe even an outsourced development team, contact our professional services team at to discuss your options.

Step 4

Moving from testbed
to production API

When you’re ready to move from Testbed to the production API, follow the final steps in our API Documentation.

Want to know more about OAuth 2.0? Ask us!