Send personalized gift card offers

Keep your users happy and the reward experience on brand by sending custom gift card offers. Control the messaging and branding of your gift card offers and help your users quickly recognize their reward, while increasing your brand awareness.
Add your logo to the email template.

Amplify your brand

We make it ridiculously easy for you to customize gift card offers to say whatever you’d like. Add your company logo and keep your brand front and center. Opt to minimize any mention of Giftbit to create a more consistent brand experience.

Delight your users by giving them a choice

Easily send your users different brand options in their gift card offers. Your users then select a brand of their choice, strengthening their experience.
You also get insight on which brands your users most commonly choose, helping you learn more about your user psychographics and allowing you to understand your audience better.
A Giftbit gift offer showing a choice of Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, and iTunes

Take customization a step further and send your users a custom Visa card.